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10 Classic JDramas That We All Miss

Just like Korea, China, and Taiwan; most ‘Titas of Kdrama’ can attest that Japan also has a fair share of great quality dramas, popularly known as JDramas, that are globally loved by people even until now.

To take you into a nostalgic ride back to the past, here are 10 classic JDramas that we miss and can definitely binge-watch again:

1. Gokusen (2002)

A classic JDrama based on a manga of the same title that spanned into a three-season series and one live-action movie. The series is about the iconic Kumiko Yamaguchi a.k.a. ‘Yankumi‘, and her struggles as the class adviser of the most delinquent class of highschool students. It seemed normal except for the fact that Yankumi is the sole heir to a Yakuza clan.

Apart from its great story, the series also introduced some of the now popular Japanese actors such as; Jun Matsumoto, Oguri Shun, Kazuya Kamenashi, Koeki Teppei, Jin Akanishi, and Miura Haruma to name a few.

2. Hana Yori Dango (2005)

The series is the JDrama version of the legendary Japanese manga that also gave rise to Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers. The series starred Mao Inuoe, Jun Matsumoto, Oguri Shun, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe.

3. Great Teacher Onizuka (2012)

Another iconic teacher in the Japanese drama world, Onizuka Eikichi (Kurosawa Ryohei a.k.a. Akira) is a former legendary bike gang member who entered a high school as a part-time gardener. Due to some events, he was made by the school principal into the class adviser of the most problematic class in the school.

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4. Proposal Daisakusen (2007)

The series starred Tomohisa Yamashita a.k.a. Yamapi (Ken Iwase) and Masami Nagasawa (Rei Yoshida). The plot revolves on Ken Iwase’s regret of not confessing his love for his friend Rei Yoshida and him finding a ‘chance’ to fix it.

5. Hana Kimi (2007)

Also known as Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, the series is about a girl from the USA who went to Japan and entered an all-boys school disguised as a male in order to support a high jump athlete that she is a fan of. The series starred Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Hiro Mizushima, and others.

6. One Liter of Tears (2005)

This series starring Ikeuchi Aya (Sawajiri Erika) and Aso Haruto (Nishikido Ryo) is a good example of a classic tragedy drama that will leave most of its viewers crying every episode.

The story is based on the true story of a 15-year-old girl named Kito Aya that she had written on her diary until she can no longer hold a pen before she died at the age of 25.

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7. Nodame Cantabile (2006)

The series is a love story between genius pianist Noda Megumi (Ueno Juri) and talented musician Chiaki Shinichi (Tamaki Hiroshi).

This series definitely gave the viewers the experience of watching a musical drama that is focused on the development of the relationship between the characters and their struggles to achieve their passion and dreams.

8. Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)

A series that starred Oguri Shun (Hyuga Toru) and Ishihara Satomi (Natsui Makoto). It is about the love story between a rich CEO of a big IT company but have trouble recognizing faces and a girl that despite having graduated from a prestigious university, still have a hard time in finding a job.

9. Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

Also known as Zettai Kareshi, the series is about a regular office lady Izawa Riiko (Aibu Saki) who is looking for a boyfriend. By some fate, a robot named “Night Tenjo” (Hayami Mokomichi) programmed to be the perfect boyfriend, ends up in her possession. Things got more complicated when Asamoto Soshi (Mizushima Hiro), another guy from her company shows interest in her.

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10. Michievious Kiss (2013)

The series is about Aihara Kotoko (Miki Honoka) and her initially platonic love for her school’s most handsome and most intelligent student Irie Naoki (Furukawa Yuuki). Her epic rejection from Naoki gets a twist of fate when she suddenly ended up living with him under one roof.

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