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Japanese movie recommendation: “The Liar and His Lover” starring Takeru Satoh and Sakurako Ohara

Upon watching Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo, my heart goes somewhere in Japan, making me want to know more about the Japanese culture. At the top of that, I want to look for their dramas and movies that will help me see the beauty of their country, people, culture, and tradition somehow. So, as I suddenly became a fan of Takeru Satoh, I decided to watch a movie of him.

I read somewhere that Takeru had a film called The Liar and His Lover and I got interested on it. However, I was thinking twice if I’ll proceed on watching it because the title gives me a sad vibe and tragic ending. To make the story short, I gave it a try and didn’t expect anything; I just want to know more about Japan and see the other sides of Takeru. However, this film goes beyond the definition of “good,” serving a great content!

What is it about?

The Liar and His Lover or Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru is a 2013 Japanese musical romantic movie. It stars Tekaru Satoh and Sakurako Ohara. This film is based on a Shojo manga written by Kotomi Aoki and produced by Fuji film.

It tells the story of a 25-year-old successful genius producer and bassist but he is kind of reclusive named Aki (played by Takeru). He will meet a 16-year-old high school student who first heard him hum named Riko (played by Sakurako). They’ll be in a relationship but Aki will lie about his identity. Little did he know, Riko herself has a gifted voice. Eventually, Riko will be scouted by the company where Aki is working with.

My thoughts

In the beginning of the movie, I totally felt the sadness of Aki and his former band Crude Play including their new member named Shinya. It made me curious on why it seems like he’s living as a shadow or is it Shinya being set aside?

Then, a singer named Mari appeared, breaking the heart of Aki. In a single gesture combined with few words spoke by Aki, my heart already wrenched in pain.

As the story goes, I am already expecting that he’ll definitely be a liar towards a woman. I was kind of sad because it looks like a domino effect; wherein, he was hurt, so it’s his time to hurt someone else. Then, a high school student with a mushroom-hairstyle came, with a positive aura, named Riko. Aki’s hum attracted Riko; for me, it looks like destiny.

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The first time Aki spoke to Riko in their first meeting, it feels as if his words were true. I felt really sad for Riko because who deserves to be with someone who’s just playing on your heart, liking it to fool around?

Then, the story continued and I would like to highlight how Riko is so good to notice which is lie and which is not when Aki is speaking. It seems like the music of Aki and his hum helped Riko somehow to know more about Aki. She doesn’t need to hear his statement as she just need to listen to his song and look on his eyes; then, suddenly she’ll feel his emotions perfectly and his words will struck on her.

In all honesty, I really love how Aki falls for Riko without him knowing. He didn’t notice how bright he smiles whenever he’s with Riko. The first time he heard Riko sing with Sotsugyou, I like how his eyes glued on her. Moreover, what caught my attention most when it comes to the sacrifices of Aki is that he loves Riko to the point that he only cares about his good future even if his decision will hurt him big time. He let her go after her dreams, shine brightly, and do what she loves which is to sing.

On the other hand, what I love about the character of Riko is that she never counts the lies and mistakes; and she never get back to the past to dig Aki’s fault. It was like true love; embracing the flaws of your loved one, seeing the best in him, trying to be honest, and being by his side even if he pushes you away.

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What’s more?

What you should also look forward in this movie is how Aki and Riko will face difficulties. You will notice their different ways to cope with their problems, showing their maturity in protecting their loved ones. If there’s something in the movie that gives clue about their growth, it would be the caterpillar turning as a butterfly before the film ended. For me, it symbolizes how they found their growth, how their love grows for each other, and how they are being able to reach their dreams.

Other than that, this film doesn’t just revolves around Aki and Riko; it also deals with the hardships of his friends and other artists in the music industry. Everyone here has something to say and significant role to show. I love how they showed the importance of music, the somehow negative effect of “wrong interpretation” of business in those who want to pursue music, giving chance to those who want to improve in what they’re doing, and giving lessons all throughout the movie.

Aside from that, this movie also wants the viewers to learn that music isn’t just music with pleasing sounds you can hear. As there’s a message struck on it, effort given into it, that’s why you can notice the emotions and feelings while listening to it. Meanwhile, I would like to say that their songs used here are so great which complement their voices and the movie itself.

This film is so powerful to highlight various things and problems in the society even if its big or small. The story flow is so smooth which will help you to appreciate more its content and messages. Aside from what I’ve mentioned, I also learned that there are people who just want to be loved truthfully. Sometimes, they feel bad living as someone who is known, rich, genius, or alike, because other people cannot see them and their importance beyond what their eyes can view.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s really sickening to be with people who just stay by your side when it’s convenient, taking you for granted. However, we shouldn’t lose hope as there are still those who will love and accept us wholly. So, just so, be someone who’s kind, appreciative, forgiving, and true to your feelings.

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Appreciation message

I would like to give an applause to both Takeru and Sakurako for portraying their characters well. There are scenes when they weren’t talking but they were just showing their emotions. However, you’ll surely get the exact message they want to convey. I can totally say that their acting skills are superb to make the viewers understand what they want to say by just looking on their eyes, faces, and expressions! Then, the moment they open their lips to say something, the emotions you’ll feel will double.

Additionally, the two main leads simply look good together! It’s a combination of talented individuals— great in acting and the best in singing. I don’t know what’s the exact word to describe the both of them but they’re just so good to be true.

Meanwhile, I would also like to show my appreciation to all the cast members who played their roles so well. Shun (character of Shohei Miura) taught me how true friends do their best for their best friends even though they might not see your effort. Being there for them, helping them to be happy because they deserve it.


The Liar and His Lover is a must watch movie! If you want to learn more about life, have a deep love for music, a starter trying to achieve your dreams, or someone who wants to be comforted, then this film is perfect for you. The acting skills of the cast members, the plot, story flow, message or lessons, and everything about it are just so great!

It will give you different vibes and help you have a good day with its simple but amazing ending. As for me, I appreciate Japanese culture more through this and have seen different sides of Takeru, making me love him more as his fan.

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