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Lee Sin Young’s upcoming drama “How to Buy a Friend” unveils teasers and premiere date

Lee Sin Young’s upcoming drama How to Buy a Friend unveiled teasers on March 18.

The drama tells the story of the students named Chan Hong (Lee Sin Young) and Dong Hyuk (Shin Seung Ho).

In between of them is Uhm Se Yoon (Kim So Hye) a popular senior high school student.

He will be portraying a perfect definition of an average Korean student when it comes to height, weight, and even in grades.

Check out the photos below!

According to Ex Sports News, the actor attended an interview recently; wherein, he shared some information about his character and preparation for his new role.

He stated that his character may look clumsy but he is actually kind and considerate.

He also discussed, “In contrast to the original webtoon, Chan Hong uses Gyeongsang Province’s dialect.”

So, it’s not hard for him to use the dialect as he is also from the said province.

However, he is doing his best to sound like a student so it would look more natural.

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Aside from that, he also shared that he is studying his character well as the standard of normal is different from each person.

Lastly, he said that How to Buy a Friend will show an emotional atmosphere.

The drama will officially premiere on April 6 at KBS2 TV.

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