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Get to know “Crash Landing On You” soldier Lee Sin Young

Crash Landing On You just finished airing last February 16, 2020 and many fans have noticed soldier Lee Sin Young. With his acting skills, charisma, appeal, and looks, he easily captured the hearts of many.

Some fans got even swooned over him by just watching him in the first episode. Who wouldn’t like or love Lee Sin Young upon looking at his deep eyes?

As a rookie actor, many Hallyu fans are still not that familiar with him. Other viewers who have seen him in CLOY are really interested in knowing him more. Are you also curious about him just like us? Below are few of the facts you might want to know about him! There are also photos as you scroll down to brighten up your day.

Acting debut

Lee Sin Young debuted in acting through the web series Just One Bite in 2018. It has a side story titled Re:playlist.

You can watch him on the music video below.

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On the following year, the actor also starred in two dramas before Crash Landing On You. He was in It’s Okay to be Sensitive 2 and Just One Bite 2.

Then, he became the beloved Lieutenant Park Kwang Beom in CLOY. For 2020, he is taking his first main lead role through How to Buy a Friend. He will be portraying a perfect definition of an average Korean student when it comes to height, weight, and even in grades.

How to Buy a Friend’s first script reading happened in the first week of March. Additionally, it is expected to air in the first half of 2020.


Lee Sin Young was born on January 24, 1998 in South Korea. Currently, he is 23 in South Korean age and 22 in Philippine age.

Social media

If you want to follow him on social media platform, you might want to check out his Instagram account! His username is leesin_y or you can click here to follow him. Just a friendly reminder, mga bes, please, fangirl or fanboy responsibly.

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Meanwhile, the first photo he posted on Instagram was a poster of his first drama last July 10, 2018. As you check his photos, you will see that he was featured in Dazed Korea last January. Moreover the actor’s agency currently is Forest Entertainment.

Lee Sin Young will surely achieve more awards in the future and we’re excited to celebrate those days with him! His upcoming drama is already a project to be thankful for and let’s show our love for him through supporting it.

In your case, bes, what’s the reason why you became a fan of him? Share it with us on the comment section!

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