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Korea’s beloved snack becomes the newest trend in Cafes

Dalgona is an old Korean street snack. Its ingredients include melted sugar and baking soda. This snack usually has different patterns pressed on it before cooling down. It is a popular snack in the 70’s and 80’s. In present times, it is still popular as retro food.

NCT’s Chenle and Jisung makes traditional dalgona

Dalgona Coffee

In an episode of Convenience Store Restaurant (편스토랑), Dalgona Coffee is introduced when Jung Il Woo travels to Macau. According to him, his iced coffee was made by stirring coffee powder, sugar, and water about 400 times. He shares that not only did it look like dalgona syrup, it also tasted like the dalgona sold in front of the school.

Korean Cafes’ New Spring Menu

During the beginning of different seasons, cafes (and even restaurants) usually offer new menus for a limited amount of time.

For the upcoming spring, these cafes made their own twist to making dalgona-flavored drinks and food.

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Gong Cha Korea Menu

  • Sugar Crumble Crush + Pearl
  • Sugar Crumble Milk Tea

Alibaba Coffee & Donut Menu

  • Dalgona Shot Latte
  • Dalgona Milk Tea
  • Dalgona Latte

커피에반하다 (@icoffeebanhada) Menu

  • Dalgona Einspanner
  • Dalgona Cream Coffee
  • Dalgona Cream Milk
  • Dalgona Honey Bread

Because people are advised to stay at home due to the rising COVID-19 cases, the recipe for making Dalgona Coffee has become a hot topic on Korean social media.

Dalgona Coffee is now a trendy drink for young people. You can also make it in the comfort of your own home.

Recipe (Try it at home!)

This recipe is from the Youtube channel, 서담SEODAM

Dalgona Coffee


  • 5 tbsp. coffee powder
  • 5-6 tbsp. sugar (add 1-2 tbsp. for a sweeter taste)
  • 5 tbsp. hot water


  1. Coffee, sugar, and water are measured in a 1:1:1 ratio.
  2. Mix the ingredients and stir it until the syrup thickens.
  3. When the syrup thickens to a certain degree, mix it with warm/cold milk. (You may use an electric mixer in case you want the syrup to be thicker.)
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Will you be trying this recipe at home? If so, tell us if it suits your taste!

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