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Looking for delicious and budget friendly Korean street food store in Manila? Here’s OH-Deng on your way!

Variety of Korean food is so popular nowadays to many Filipinos because of its undeniably great taste. While eating, it can even make you feel as if you are in South Korea!

There are various restaurants around the Philippines showcasing unlimited samgyeopsal also known as the grilled pork belly. Additionally, there are numerous Korean grocery stores which have opened in the country.

Aside from that, there are also stores for Korean street food where you can get satisfied with their offerings. One of the best store to recommend for you to visit is here, OH-Deng!

Korean street food store OH-Deng started in November 2018 by a native South Korean businesswoman. It first landed in Manila with over three stores today in LRT 1 Doroteo Jose, LRT 2 Recto, and Sherwood Taft, Manila! From street food, they are also now serving rice meals. You can reach them through Facebook here.

Here are my personal review about the store and its set of food:

OH-Deng is really a budget friendly store where you can already get a taste of your favorite food for as low as PHP 10. You will surely spend your money for authentic Korean street food and get your cravings satisfied!

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My friends and I have been here for how many times because we cannot get enough of its foods’ delicious taste. What makes us happy even more in eating here is the fact that it is really worth it of every money we spend. We take it as our simple bonding that make it more special—being able to eat our favorite food together.

My personal favorite street food is their odeng or fishcake which you can have with variety of sauces. When it comes to their meal, my favorite is the bibimbap or Korean mixed rice which is really affordable for its amount of serving and quality.

Other than that, we also notice that OH-Deng is serving new and fresh street food to their customers with clean place. You can also encounter their servers who are customer-friendly!

Check out their menu below.

They also offer jeyuk bokkeum (Korean spicy pork on rice) and kimchi tuna fried rice with egg both for PHP 99 only in Sherwood Taft branch

What are you waiting for, bes? Visit their store now. Get a bite of it and share with us your experience!

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Disclaimer: This article is purely a Korean food review of the writer to share with our “bes” who want to discover good stores in the Philippines. Photos used in the article are with consent of the owner of store and servers.

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