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Hyun Bin returns to South Korea after filming “Bargaining” from Jordan


Hyun Bin returned to South Korea from Jordan on September 12 after filming upcoming movie Bargaining.

His fellow actor, Hwang Jung Min, first arrived in South Korea last September 2.

As per the quarantine guidelines and protocols of South Korea, Hyun Bin needs to undergo testing and self-isolation for about two weeks (likely to Hwang Jung Min).

He was supposed to come back to South Korea via Doha last September 10 but failed to do so due to local circumstances.

A number of fans unexpectedly welcomed him back after his photo from Doha International Airport leaked online although he planned to making it private.

He still showed gratitude to those who were in the airport waiting for him but told them not to come close for their own safety.

Anticipate and wait for the release of Bargaining that is about the rescued people from abduction.

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Hyun Bin has been confirmed to star in a big screen project after Crash Landing On You.

His agency VAST Entertainment revealed on February 21 that the actor will take lead role in movie Bargaining.

It was also said that Bargaining is expected to film in overseas locations.

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Accordingly, it has been reported that the actor together with Hwang Jung Min will be visiting Jordan on July 13.

As stated in the article of Star News, the actors will undergo quarantine first before proceeding to filming.

In this movie, Hyun Bin will perform different kind of acting compared to his last role in his previous drama.

Bargaining will tell the story of rescued people from abduction.

Stay tuned for more details!

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