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17 K-dramas to watch if you want to learn life and love lessons

Korean dramas are really great as we all know but these will not be completed without its incredible spices. Guess what kind of spices are that which captured the heart and attention of so many people? These are the moral lessons and strong connection between the characters and the viewers.

This might be one of the biggest reasons why various Filipinos love watching K-dramas—the life and/or love lessons that will leave a great impact on you. As you read this article or even just the title, some good K-drama titles might already flashed on your head. Are you wondering if your favorites made it into this list? Or are you looking for more series to watch?

Below is a compilation of personal recommendation and other K-drama suggestions from our bes in Annyeong Oppa Group! Check it out now and find out why you need to watch it ASAP.

Because This Is My First Life

Photo from tvN

Accept it or not, many individuals tend to always expect bigger things in life and so many surprises from their partner. Because This Is My First Life will teach you how to be patient, contented in what you have, pursue harder for what you love, and appreciate everything in your life. This is a light K-drama that will make you giggle and realize at the same time that life is so beautiful but people tend to ask for more than what they have. Yes, it’s not bad to dream big but this will teach you to dream deep and enjoy at the moment.

It will teach you how to sacrifice your career and yourself for your family. A story of how you deal with your co workers in a suit. A long term relationship without any loan of getting married.

Katherine Tanalgo

Kill Me, Heal Me

Photo from MBC

Personally, I really love Kill Me, Heal Me not just because of its great cast members and comedy parts, but because of its content and message. This will make you realize that everyone experiences different battles in a day that you do not know. So, always be kind because your words and actions have a great impact on others. It tackled the life of a person who is diagnosed with mental disorder.

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Fight For My Way

Photo from KBS 2TV

Whenever I feel like quitting, I always remember Fight For My Way. This drama will teach you to fight for your dreams even if so many challenges are getting on your way. The way how the lead characters cried over something they really want and find ways to achieve it, these will surely inspire you.

Try and try until you succeed; and don’t give up your dreams.

Allysah Jiezel Quiambao Chan

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Photo from KBS

It has been mentioned already in the title that the mission of the angel here is about “love.” What kind of love? To whom? Apparently, we all know that it is for the lead character, Lee Yeon Seo. However, the more you get attached to this drama, you’ll realize even better that it also applies to everyone. Wherein, it tackles different love that we might feel, give, and/or receive. Moreover, it also talks a lot about the deep and truthful societal issues and problems today.

Faith, love, and hope.

Faith – nawalan ng faith si Yeon Seo dahil sa sunod-sunod na trahedya sa buhaya pero sa huli natuto syang magpasalamat.

Love – natutunan ni Yeon seo kung paano pahalagahan ang mga taong nakapaligid sa kaniya.

Hope – huwag mawalan ng pag-asa, diyan kumapit sila Lee Yeon Seo at Kim Dan.

Chae-Sang Urbano

Hi! School: Love On

Photo from KBS

By looking at the poster, many people might perceive that this K-drama is just about the love and maturity of high school students. However, when you try to watch it, this will surely break your heart with their family problems and unconditional love. It will teach you to appreciate your family even more.

Go Back Couple

Photo from KBS 2TV

Personally, the genre and theme it has are not the usual type I look for. It took me hours thinking if I should watch it or not, but this doesn’t disappoint! It will teach you how to take marriage and your family seriously as it is not something you can easily give up on if you feel tired. You are not a teenager anymore who can just break up with your partner because you feel exhausted. You already committed into this and a child was already born with your blood. Will you be able to take the pain seeing them cry? As said by Ate Jess, “It [marriage] is the joining of two people in a bond that apparently lasts until death.” So, don’t enter a relationship like this if you can’t hold onto your family until your last breath.

Marriage, parenthood, mother-daughter relationship, etc. Grabe ‘to! ‘Di pa ko kasal at waley din naman akong jowa pero ‘yong iyak ko, grabe? Sobrang hitik nito sa love and life lessons, tagos talaga sa puso. Sorry, ‘di ko ma-explain pero grabe ‘to!

Kerie-Anne Dayao

Reply 1988

Photo from tvN

You are the writer of your life so do what you want to do before it’s too late.

Sheila May Buenaseda

It has it all! Family, love, and endless life lessons. It is a drama where everyone can relate at some point of our lives.

Love Leah

Family, friendship, love, all in na rito.

Czarmila Lim Rañola Luna

Twenty Again

Photo from tvN

More than the rekindled romance, I think, it is more on reaching your dreams no matter how big of a failure you think you are. Minsan the love that we have in front of us destroys us. And that we always, always deserve someone better no matter how broken we are.

Kathleen Fae Agena Camongol

Itaewon Class

Photo from JTBC

If about sa life inspiration, bet ko talaga ang Itaewon Class. “Beat your enemy, not through your fist, but through your success.”

Nieza Daza

When The Camellia Blooms

Photo from KBS

It’s a light and fun K-drama yet heartwarming especially Gong Hyo Jin’s role, a strong single mother that fought against the challenges that life throws at her. Ang ganda.

Chloe Angela Carpio

My Mister

Photo from tvN

Hindi siya [My Mister] love story but it will teach you how to love. How to sacrifice and what need to be sacrificed. It will teach you how to hang in there despite sa lahat ng problema. IU portrayed her role well.


Mr. Sunshine

Photo from tvN

An underrated gem. A story that will let you realize how lucky we are not to experience the life during the World War Era and Japanese Occupation. Involves stories about love for the person you love but at the same time, teaches you love for your country. Also, gives insights on societal issues in Korea during that time that still exists in the present.

A story worth watching if you’re a fan of historical and love stories in depth. And mostly not for the faint hearted.

Zuellene Casela

A Gentleman’s Dignity

Photo from SBS

At first, I was hesitant to watch this drama because of the older actors. But they proved it wrong, this drama make it on my all time favorite K-drama. Because each actor has proved that at life of 40’s, they can still think of friendship, love, foolishness, and tough decisions… Like the normal millenials do. At the end of the drama, you’ll fall for them.

There’s so many life lesson with this drama.

Mary Grace R. Nieva

Crash Landing On You

Photo from tvN

Shows different kinds of love whether its relationship, family, friends, workmates, and even neighbours. They also tackled respect that everyone should never forget. The limitation of love and even the sacrifices in life.

Judaih Chewdaii Dyuday

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Photo from JTBC

You don’t need to be pretty just to be loved by others. You only need a pure and genuine heart, and also you need to love yourself first. Everyone have their own perception of beauty.

Judaih Chewdaii Dyuday

Do not live with someone else’s perception of beauty. The inner you will always gonna shine through.

May Ann Rivera Espiritu

School 2015

Photo from KBS2

‘Di lang nag-focus sa isang kuwento. Family, friendship, love life, appreciation, acceptance, and forgiveness, at ‘yong paghihintay/hindi minamadali ang mga desisyon…

Jenny Ven Ansino Embiado

Chicago Typewriter

Photo from tvN

Teaches us the importance of keeping our promises. This K-drama also tells us how to treasure friendship.

Jackylou Medenilla Muhi

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the members of Annyeong Oppa Group who suggested their favorite dramas and shared their thoughts, aside from those who were included in this article. Again, thank you, mga bes!

Refresh you day and mind by trying these K-dramas.

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