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Happee Sy of Pulp Live World confirms that they will push through their upcoming event in Manila

Updated information:

Inang said on February 3 that Pulp Live World will push through their upcoming event in Manila.

She stated on her Twitter thread, as of Monday evening, they are all ready and will start to build the stage on 12 midnight.

She asked, “Please help us pray that there won’t be any changes and we all stay healthy.”

Assuring fans, “If there’s any changes, we’ll post ASAP.”

Check out the full thread here.

Original article:

Happee Sy of Pulp Live World released statement on January 30 regarding the ongoing discussion of upcoming events in Manila.

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Department of Health Philippines confirmed first case of novel coronavirus in the country on Thursday.

Then, fans expressed their concerns towards the idols and celebrities’ upcoming shows in Manila.

Saying that, Inang already gave her statement on the same day through Twitter.

She said that they understand all the concerns and rest assured that they’re in discussion with artists’ teams involved.

She also mentioned, “Nobody wants to put anybody at risk of course.”

See her official tweet below.

We also want to express our concern to everybody; please, take care of yourselves.

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