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SB19 to hold two concerts on the same day in Iloilo

SB19 will be holding two concerts on the same day in Iloilo as announced on January 23.

The first show will be at 2 P. M. and the second show will be at 5 P. M. on February 1.

Based on the official post of SB19’s Twitter account, the second concert was due to popular demand.

Accordingly, it has already been discussed and planned with the group for them to see more A’TIN.

Additional ticketing day will be happening on January 25 at 8 P. M.

Fans who already have their tickets for the 2 P. M. concert are not allowed to get their passes for the 5 P. M. show.

Consequences will be given to those who will be violating the said rule.

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