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Krystal and Jang Dong Yoon to play the lead for OCN’s Military Drama “Search”

On January 16, a representative from the drama said that “Krystal and Jang Dong Yoon will play the main characters in OCN’s upcoming drama entitled “Search”

Krystal will have the role of Son Ye Rim, an elite female officer with secrets from birth. She is also a special operations officer. With innate physical strength and brilliant brains, her burning desire is a bonus.

“Search” is a survival drama about a search party fighting against a mysterious creature despite the struggles of the crew to escape the Demilitarized Zone. The story begins when a soldier in his final years of service (Jang Dong Yoon) meets the monster in the DMZ.

Jang Dong Yoon will play the role of Goo Dong Jin. He is also part of the special forces. As an experienced veterinary major and intern at a wildlife rescue center, he was assigned to a military guard post. He completed a training session at a military dog training center in Chuncheon before being assigned to a special operations squad. One month before his military discharge, a dog escapes from the training camp while he is on duty.

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It will be directed by Lim Dae Woong whose previous work include movies “Bloody Reunion” and “Horror Stories”

The drama is set to premiere in May 2020.

Krystal was also part of a previous OCN drama entitled “Player”. Jang Dong Yoon’s last drama was KBS’ “Tale of Nokdu“.

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