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Want to see INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu in Manila for a concert? Here’s how!

Do you want to see INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu in Manila for a concert?

Then, you might want to participate in the ongoing survey conducted by Infinite PH – Beyond Infinity PH with Kim Sunggyu PH.

This petition/survey will serve as a support that will be presented to the concert producer who has gotten in touch with us recently.

We need all your help and support to make this possible. We trust that all Filipino Inspirits will come as one for this. Let’s make it happen this time Inspirits! ~

Target survey reponses: Atleast 2,000

*NOTE: Signing this means that you are willing to go to the Concert. We want to know the volume of people who are definitely going so the producers can see how big his fanbase is here in the Philippines.

Our Love is INFINITE!

Thank you ~ Maraming Salamat po!

Statement on the form

Click this link and you can already fill up the needed spaces.

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There is also a designated space/ box for suggestions at the bottom.

For further details or inquiry, please direct to Infinite PH – Beyond Infinity PH and/ or Kim Sunggyu PH.

Let’s make it possible to see INFINITE’s leader in Manila! We can make it, mga bes.

Kim Sunggyu got discharged from the military last January 8.

He greeted his fans with a surprise mini fan meeting and V Live broadcast on the same day.

His fellow INFINITE member Kim Myungsoo just visited Manila with a fan meet on January 12.

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