Korean celebrities and idols sent their warm messages to Filipino victims of Taal eruption

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Korean celebrity and idols sent their warm messages to Filipino victims of Taal volcano eruption on January 12.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised Alarm Level 4 on the same night making various people evacuated.

Jung Il Woo shared a photo on Instagram on January 14 with a caption, “Pray for Philippines.”

Park Seo Joon posted a photo on Instagram on January 14 with statement, “Pray for Taal.”

BTS’ Taehyung shared on Weverse on January 13, “My heart really hurt these days. I hope no one gets hurt and the nature will not harm any people.”

It was his reply to a BTS fan who posted on Weverse, “Please, pray for Philippine ARMYs, everyone.”

Screenshot from Cessy Sig Calzado

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shared a warm message on Twitter on January 13.

He said, “My prayer goes out to the children and the elderly and infirm of the Philippines. I hope no one is seriously hurt from the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes.”

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INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo posted his sincere message on Instagram on January 12 upon thanking fans who attended his fan meeting.

He stated, “I would like to thank all the fans who came to the fan meeting tonight. Due to the eruption of a volcano near Manila, I hope that no one will be affected by this natural calamity.

Sandara Park including the other members of MOMOLAND also sent their messages through Instagram story.

We are also sending our prayers to the victims! We are deeply hoping for the safety of everyone.

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