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Ji Chang Wook is confirmed to comeback on big screen

Ji Chang Wook is confirmed on Monday to comeback on big screen.

According to an official as told to Sports Chosun, “Ji Chang Wook already confirmed his appearance in the movie Punishment (literal translation) as his next work, script reading is already done.”

As reported, the actor has finished the script reading with the crew and the filming will soon start.

Punishment will be produced and distributed by CJ Entertainment, and the production will be in charge to T.P.S. Company.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook is currently working on his Waiting For You tour.

He is expected to visit Manila as part of the said tour this 2020.

Source: (.) via JCWPH

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  1. We are all waiting for his visit here in Manila, but were just worried by fans,It may be much more happier and safeier if this fan tour will be next year to be ensure that virus has been ended.

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