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Get to know Hu Yi Tian and his dramas

Hu Yi Tian is a rising Chinese actor and a model who made his acting debut with Rush to the Dead Summer in 2017. Many people around the world have known him through his hit drama A Love So Beautiful in 2017 as well. It is a light and youth Chinese drama that made various viewers laugh, fall in love, and learn lessons from the main characters. It also stars Shen Yue, Gao Zhiting, Wang Ziwei, and Sun Ning.Many

The actor fluttered so many fans because of his undeniable charisma on and off screen. Add up the fact that his charms and acting skills compliment each other. Although he appeared in television just in 2017, it didn’t become a hindrance for him to show off his talents and loving sides.

Did you know that he was born on December 26, 1993? At his age, he already won different awards, including Most Promising Actor, and many more.

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To get to know Hu Yi Tian more, below are his dramas that you shouldn’t miss out!

Rush to the Dead Summer

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It is the first Chinese drama of Hu Yi Tian back in 2017. He portrayed a supporting character who is a student of class 1-03.

A Love So Beautiful

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A Love So Beautiful is the first Chinese drama which Hu Yi Tian took the lead role. He portrayed the character of Jiang Chen, a student who is really smart and handsome. He has a secret crush towards Chen Xiaoxi; his neighbor and classmate who is so persistent with her admiration to him.

Go Go Squid

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It is a drama released last 2019 having Hu Yi Tian as a supporting character. He is a genius in this drama, looking cold towards others but he actually has soft and warm hearted side.

Currently, Hu Yi Tian is filming his upcoming drama titled Handsome Siblings. He will play the main character name Hua Wu Que. It will be released this 2020 telling the story of twin brothers who grew up not separately, not knowing each other.

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Below are Hu Yi Tian’s photos you will surely love! You can also share with us your favorite picture of him on the comment section.

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