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ICYMI: Tao shared his new single “The Best of Us” on Instagram

Huang Zitao, also known as Tao, shared his new single The Best of Us on Instagram last December 27.

As the singer and actor mentioned on his post, the song is about the impressive stories of him and his best friends then until now.

As seen in the cover, there are 12 visible hearts which made many fans cry in tears of joy.

The music is really fascinating to listen to, and the lyrics are really moving and heartwarming.

Overall, The Best of Us is so good and perfect to those who love meaningful songs.

Meanwhile, Tao also posted the cover of his music on Instagram last December 27 tagging Luhan and Kris.

He greeted them, “Happy 8th anniversary.”

Then, both Luhan and Kris reposted Tao’s post on their respective Weibo accounts.

However, the said post of Tao had been deleted already.

To Huang Zitao, congratulations with your new single and for attaining the success you deserve! We are happy seeing you growing as time passes by.

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Please, take care of yourself and live with joy and peace in your heart. No good bye, we will always be here for you. We will respect you as well same goes with your decisions.

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