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SB19 releases 1st official single “Alab” under Sony Music Philippines

Updated information:

SB19 shared the official lyric video of Alab in YouTube on December 26.

Fans can already watch and listen to it through visiting SB19 Official on YouTube.

It’s a great gift from the group, so fans can perfectly sing along while listeng to the song!

Original article:

SB19 released their first official single Alab under Sony Music Philippines on December 25.

The song is produced by Han Tae Soo, which is “basically about finding your true love and doing whatever it takes to win that certain someone.”

According to Sony Music, Alab is “A dance-pop banger built on sophisticated production, digital beats, and pulsating grooves.”

The lead vocalist and rapper Sejun shared, “Here, we thought of fire as our burning desire, emphasizing that there’s no other way to confess your love but to tell the person directly, and that you shouldn’t waste time.”

It is now available on all music streaming and download platforms worldwide, such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and many more.

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“We’re looking forward to fueling and supporting many more breakthroughs for Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin,” as stated by Sony Music’s GM Philippines & VP Business Development Asia Roslyn Pineda.

She added, “I am beyond excited! Filipinos are natural performers and when it comes to training and discipline, nothing beats the Korean way. When you merge the two, you come up with something special — SB19. They’ve taken K-Pop and made it their own. Actually, our own, if you consider SB19’s official fanbase name A’TIN.”

SB19 is a popular Filipino boy group debuted in 2018 with Tilaluha.

They gained more attention and great appreciation with Go Up in July 2019.

Recently, the group entered the Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

They are currently holding free concerts in different venues around the Philippines.

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