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OPM Songs Turned KDrama OST’s That Will Surely Make You Nostalgic

When KDramas first came here in the Philippines, TV networks always tried to localize them as much as possible. More than the local names of characters and the tagalog dubbing, it also became an opportunity for our local music artists to feature their music and become part of the KDrama’s OST.

Along with the popularity of these dramas came the success of their OPM song OSTs that even people who didn’t watched the drama will probably recognized.

See the list below and trust me when I say that you know these song by heart whether you like it or not. Listen to the said songs and go on a nostalgia trip.

Fallin’ (Janno Gibbs) – Full House

Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin (Kitchi Nadal) – Lovers in Paris

If We Fall in Love (Yeng Constantino & RJ Jimenez) – Princess Hours

Pag-ibig Ko Sana’y Mapansin (Faith Cuneta) – Stairway to Heaven

Hold On (Shamrock) – Jumong

Maybe It’s You (Agat Obar) – My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Sabihin Mo Na (Top Suzara) – My Girl

Pangarap na Bituin (Faith Cuneta) – Jewel in the Palace

I’ll Be There (Julie Ann San Jose) – Lie To Me

From the Start (Rachel Ann Go) – Memories in Bali

BONUS 1 (Other Asian Dramas):

Pwede Ba (Soapdish) – It Started with a Kiss)

Sabihin (Zelle) – Love of the Condor Heroes

BONUS 2 (Tagalog Versions):

Di Ko Na Kaya (Carmela Cuneta) – Endless Love Winter Sonata [Tagalog version of ‘저음부터 지금까지’ (‘From the Beginning Until the End’) by Ryu]

Pag-ibig na Kaya (Christian Bautista & Rachel Ann Go) – Princess Hours [Tagalog version of ‘사랑인가요’ (Perhaps Love) by Howl ft. J]

I Believe (Jimmy Bondoc) – Sassy Girl [Tagalog version of ‘I Believe’ by Shin Seung Hun]

Byahe (Josh Santana) – Meteor Garden [Tagalog version of ‘Qing Fei De Yi’ by Harlem Yu]

Ang Hanap Ko (Michelle Ayalde) – Meteor Garden [Tagalog version of ‘Ni Yao De Ai’ by Penny Tai

How many of the songs above did you remember? Can you remember more that is not on this list? Share us in the comments section!

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