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#StruggleNoMore: Tips on how to balance academics and volunteer works while fangirling or fanboying

Many Korean idols, actors, actresses, and artists had already told their fans before to always prioritize their studies over fangirling or fanboying. One of the examples we can take is the Korean pop group INFINITE with members who always remind Inspirits to study well and enjoy their lives. These kind of messages coming from them is really heartwarming and encouraging because they really want their fans to succeed as well just like them.

Have you already heard the same words or thoughts from your favorite Hallyu artists? What did you feel upon hearing it from them?

In my case, being encouraged and loved by my idols are really upbringing. Since the very moment I’ve entered their fandoms, I’ve received a different kind of warmth that truly helps me to keep on going in life. There are instances that I want to watch their live showcase, comeback, and/or performances but I had too many activities and works which need to be finished. What do you think is the best decision I’ve chosen?

Tip #1

Know your limits and priority. For sure, the responsibilities of being a student, volunteer worker, and a member of an organization are no joke. Even being just a student who needs to pass is already hard today. So, other individuals are really struggling when it comes to balancing their academics, organization, volunteer work, and fangirling or fanboying lives.

However, mga bes, we need to accept the fact that we have limitations. If you think that your fangirling or fanboying time is greater than your study time, ask yourself if it is healthy and good for you.

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There are things you can set aside for now but can still be catched up on later. Yet, there are things in life which when it already passed, you cannot go back to it and try to change what was done.

Tip #2

Time management. One of the best things I’ve learned in being a Hallyu fan is how to manage my time. Whenever, I want to watch my idols’ live showcase, comeback, and/or performances, I always make sure that my activities in school, organization, and volunteer work are already done. So, I can peacefully enjoy the time supporting my favorites.

When it comes to conflicting schedule with school hours and concert or fan meet, I don’t easily skip classes knowing that there are important activities on that day in a certain course/ subject. Instead, I look for easier transportation I can consider so I will definitely not miss seeing my idols and can still attend my classes.

Do you think our idols will get proud when they will get informed that we ditched our professors to go to their events?

A friendly reminder, mga bes: Work harder in life until you get friends with your idols. There’s nothing impossible in life as long as you believe on it.

Tip #3

Plan and always check your schedule. You really don’t need an extravagant planner to have a well-planned activities and non-conflicting schedule. You can design your own notebook, put legends on it, and create a table for a week or even a month.

With this approach and way, you will get to know your schedule well, won’t need to sacrifice important matters, and can still adjust things. You can also set a schedule for fangirling only, reviewing, and working.

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To make your planner much appealing to your eyes, you can put stickers, draw a thing which symbolizes your favorite artist, and use colors which will make you remember your idols.

Tip #4

Rest. Believe it or not, mga bes, you deserve to have a break after a long day or working so hard. Don’t sacrifice your health just to fulfill all the things you need to comply or do. If you are really sleepy or drained, then it’s the right time to take a rest.

As soon as you know to yourself that you can already do other things, do it responsibly and accordingly.

Tip #5

Don’t rush things just for you to focus on fangirling or fanboying. A beautiful output comes from blood, sweat, and tears. So, always consider the quality of your work.

So, you’ll be able to reach your objectives and goals, or even more than that. Whatever your accomplishment is, be proud of it because you’ve exerted too much effort and passion for it.

Tip #6

Save up smartly. As early as now, start your iponing and don’t even cram it. For tips regarding saving up money for your idols’ concert or fan meet, click here and here.

Tip #7

Give importance to the things you have right now and don’t take these for granted. Having a chance to study nowadays is really a rare opportunity and even a privilege to other people. Being part of an organization and volunteer work is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get. So, appreciate all of these as much as you can. Be committed!

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Overall, everything we choose in life comes with responsibility, persistence, and hard work. There is no issue in being happy but make wise choices today so your future will not be destroyed. How fulfilling is it to be successful and one of its reasons is our idols?

Let us take our favorite Korean artists as inspiration in life and good influence to us. For sure, our parents or guardians will be so thankful to them later on!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our ates in Annyeong Oppa and team’s founder Anj, co-founder Joey, and editor Jess. All the kindness, generosity, love, and support that you all have shown us are really appreciated by heart and mind. I’m more than grateful to be part of our growing family, to share feels and knowledge, to enhance my writing skills, and to represent our team in various events!

To all our fellow Hallyu fans out there, please continue doing what makes you happy and be responsible as well! May all of us never get tired of pursuing our dreams.

To our idols, thank you for being part of our lives and for touching our hearts. You all deserve the best in this world! May you never run out of reasons to be happy.

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