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Korean movie review: 7 Reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on “EXIT”

Exit is a South Korean movie produced by CJ Entertainment, distributed on July 31, 2019. It was directed by Lee Sang Geun, starring Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoon Ah.

This film made an approximately 490,000 admissions, leading on its first day. Then, it surpassed the 8 million moviegoers on its 25th day. Garnering 9 million admissions on its 36th day of release.

Aside from South Korea, Exit had already been made available for viewing in different states and countries’ cinemas. So, many people had already watched it and shared their positive comments about it.

Are you curious why this movie hit box office, and is still popular with Korean movie fans and to other individuals? Here are the seven reasons why Exit is a must watch piece which you should not sleep on!

1. Extraordinary acting skills of the cast members

One of the critical things about a film is the way how the cast members will portray the characters assigned to them. Their attachment to it and their acting skill itself will greatly influence the mood of the audience. In the movie Exit, all of its cast members had really put an extra effort and show big part on it.

Jo Jung Suk as lead character and Kang Ki Young as supporting character are both exceptional and attention catching. Above all the actors, their movements, lines, and facial reactions are really moving. On the other hand, the other actors and actresses have also shown their different sides here which helped the film and its story to be brought up well.

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2. Good title

The one word title of the movie is a good option as the power it holds is really no joke. It can make the viewers think about the possible reasons why it was chosen, what is the connection of it to the characters’ situation, and how the film will take a highlight on it.

3. Impressive choice of genre

Nowadays, many viewers have been looking for a different kind of movie which they can watch without feeling boring or unsatisfied. One thing that has a great impact on that is the choice of genre. In the case of Exit, it has chosen good combinations of action, mystery, thriller, romance, (a little bit of) comedy, and family genre. It might be so confusing and doubtable on how the movie would come out yet Exit had played it well.

The romantic and emotional scenes were not forced, action stunts are incredible, and the thrill it holds is really breathtaking and exciting. All in all, Exit’s choice of genre is really impressive and well blended.

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4. Solid and strong flow of story

As mentioned, Exit had balanced its variety of genre without making anything about it less attracting and weak. With that, the flow of the story itself was greatly influenced as it became solid and strong. With its smooth flow, it can definitely draw the audience deeper into the movie.

What you can look forward to it is the consistent messages, plot twist, and satisfying ending.

5.Relatable situation of the characters

If there is a character from the movie who is the most relatable, it would be Lee Yong Nam. He is jobless, heartbroken, and has different abilities from other people. Those things about him are not just there to make his character plausible, but those are also present to attach the audience to him.

As seen, he visibly made the viewers believe that their strengths have purpose-built so they should not let the judgment of others prevail on their heads. In simple terms, his characteristics and struggles have reasons and meanings.

Aside from that, the other characters are also relatable, such as Ji Ho, Yong Nam’s parents, Eui Joo, and even the other supporting characters.

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6. Very important moral lesson

Exit had been so consistent with the moral lesson which it want to convey. From the very beginning, it gave a signal why people should not stop from believing that everything will be alright sooner or later. Until the last part of the movie, when everything seems too complicated and not going according to the plans of the main characters, things had suddenly turned upside down.

The characters’ attitude and hardwork had been efficient to make the moral lesson impactful and great. Overall, the film wants the viewers to learn that they should trust the process, do their best, and do not lose hope when they want to achieve something. It might be so blurry at first or even when you are already in the middle of your journey, but keep on fighting for it.

7. Teamwork

Saying all those factors which helped well the movie to be a great piece, the teamwork of the production, cast members, and other part of it is also visible and had played a big role. It will surely not be a successful piece without the good effects, cooperation of the actors, proper choice of clothing, and other matters. Hands off!

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  1. I watched it and i can’t stop laughing and I’m amazed by the acting of the casts. They deserved many many many AWARDS but it didn’t happened. But I’m still happy for their hardwork though.

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