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Mimiyuuuh leaves message to those who bash K-pop and its fans

Mimiyuuuh, a popular Filipino vlogger and internet sensation, left a message on Saturday to those who bash Korean pop and its fans.

On one of the vlogger’s video, he opened the topic about the people who ask why many individuals listen to K-pop even though they don’t understand it.

He shared around 10:26 in the video, “Kasi may mga kilala ko n’ong sa high school pa lang kami, jina-judge kami kapag sumasayaw kami (then, he dances to one of F(x)’ songs).”

Mimiyuuuh had then stated, “Kaya huwag kayong nangbu-bully based on their music taste.”

Many K-pop fans have noticed this meaningful message of the internet sensation and are truly glad upon hearing it.

May this message of Mimiyuuuh be of a good lesson to everyone!

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