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You are invited: 2019 “Korea Philippines Creators Day” in Manila!

Filipino director Nash Ang, who is based in South Korea, invited all bloggers and video creators of Korean-related content to 2019 Korea Philippines Creators Day in Manila.

The event will happen on November 9, 2019 and it’s for free!

There will be different activities which you can participate to that includes talks of prominent KR-PH speakers about the following:

  • How to properly publish Korean contents online;
  • Attending events in Korea and tips on how to process VISA;
  • How to be part of a Korean entertainment company; and
  • Making films as a Filipino in Korea.

You can also take part on and enjoy friendly discussions of upcoming Korean events and concerts which content creators may able to attend.

To be part of this exciting and informative event, click here and answer the survey.

Afterwards, an email will be sent to you containing more information with regards of the time and venue.

KR-PH Creators Day aims to start a network of active Filipino bloggers and video content creators to spark collaborations. This initiative could improve the ties of Philippines and Korea through the power of media and technology.

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