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Is INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo going to have a fan meet in Manila?

Will CDM Entertainment bring INFINITE's Kim Myungsoo in Manila?

CDM Entertainment posted a lovely yet thrilling poetry on Monday.

Many Inspirits and eLements commented on the mentioned post stating that CDM Entertainment might be pertaining to Kim Myungsoo.

One of the guesses said that the company might bring the idol and actor in Manila!

So, let’s take a look at this poetry and try to convey the message it has.

In the first line, it says, “Looks like that of a God’s, leaves many quite breathless.” Wherein, we can try to connect it with Kim Myungsoo as he is the visual of INFINITE who flutters hearts.

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Next, “Lad of only 7&20, likes to dance and sing a merry.” This part could also be linked to him as he turned 27 this year (28 in Korean age) who likes to dance and sing!

Then, “Last May he starred in a drama. Learned to love and got his karma.” Myungsoo‘s Angel’s Last Mission: Love premiered on May 22.

Following this, “Lately he’s been busy, landing more roles to Welcome 2020.” Remember that L is reportedly playing the main role in the March 2020 drama titled Welcome?

Lastly, “Now, let’s see if you get this right #LandingSoon.” As a fan of the idol, we can feel that the “L” in “landing soon” pertains to his stage name and the “soo” in “soon” is from his name “Myung-soo-n.”

With all these details and other guesses by fans, do you think Kim Myungsoo will finally be back in Manila after his group’s 2015 Infinite Effect tour at the Mall of Asia Arena?

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For now, let’s patiently wait for the official announce of CDM Entertainment, Inspirits and eLements!

Who knows what might happen next, right? The long wait might finally be over!

As of now, you can already start iponing so you can finally see him up close.

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