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LOOK: GOT7’s Mark gave his jacket to a Filipino fan on their recent #GOT7KeepSpinningInMNL

GOT7’s Mark Tuan gave his jacket to a Filipino fan on their recently held GOT7 Keep Spinning tour in Manila.

Ace York Ramilo, the mentioned fan who received the jacket, shared the story and photos on Twitter.

In his banner, he wrote, “Mark! Throw me your shirt!”

When GOT7’s Mark saw the banner, “He teased me first and playfully tried to remove his jacket.”

“The second time [he] walk to our place I am now laughing while rasing the banner he also laugh and removed his jacket,” Ace added.

“He was about to give it himself but all the fans beside me were trying to reach for the jacket so he called the guard and boom,” said the Filipino fan.

Just as much as Ace is happy with this, other PH GOT7 fans are also sharing their joy upon hearing the news.

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Mark is part of the Korean group GOT7 which held their Keep Spinning concert last October 26 in Mall of Asia Arena.

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