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7 Reasons why “My First First Love” series deserves a spot in your must watch K-drama list

My First First Love series is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable Korean drama that I’ve ever watched. Wherein, it’s season one had perfectly shown us the bitter-sweet part of life. However, I won’t deny the fact that it’s season two has more painful scenes and “what if” moments than the first one. Yet, it all contibuted well to make the series great and a must watch piece.

Additionally, it is also full of lessons about individuality, youth, romantic relationship, friendship, and family. Moreover, this drama will surely make you laugh, fall in love, and cry at the same time.

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My First First Love is composed of two seasons with eight episodes each. Wherein, every episode runs for less than an hour. It can be watched through Netflix while updates can be checked at Netflix Korea on Twitter.

If you haven’t watched the season one and two of My First First Love yet; then, you might want to read the seven reasons below why it deserves a spot in your must watch K-drama list. Take note, it may contain spoilers for you. However if you would like to have few information about it; then, go and read it, mga bes! For those who have already finished watching it, let’s take this chance to recall things and fangirl together.

1. Refreshing, enjoyable, and great story

Truth to be told, My First First Love series is not the typical romantic comedy drama. At first, I thought, the story will only focus on the characters’ different lives and love stories with plot twists. However, this series especially the season 2 did surprised me with its depth content and life lessons to offer to its viewers.

I love how much it focuses well on friendship, romantic relationship, family matters, school things, youth, individuality, and pursuing one’s dreams. It taught me a lot of lessons in life and helped me to know about the importance of enjoying each and every moment. The story is so great that it will seriously touch your heart and help you realize the beauty of life. Although things may seem chaotic at the moment for you, but time will come when things will find its right places. Hold on. Keep on fighting. Go after your dreams. Do what makes you happy. Earn great memories with your loved ones.

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Moreover, the flow of the story is good enough. The consequences of the characters’ actions were clearly delivered as well. Additionally, it cannot be denied that it also has mysteries and questions that will lead you on appreciating the content even more. Great job to its writer!

2. Incomparable acting skills of the actors and actresses

From main leads to supporting characters, all of them had done great job to make the drama so mesmerizing and awesome. Their body language and even the words that can be read through their eyes are all effective to convey messages and emotions.

Although I am really a fan of Jisoo and Jin Young even before watching this drama, I can totally say that they’ve given us different impressions this time. I really feel so proud of them while watching it! Overall, all of the actors and actresses had played their roles so well and had worked so hard.

Meanwhile, the staff and crews made a great work as well in this drama. It wouldn’t be so wonderful to watch without their hardships and contributions!

3. Differences, strengths, and weaknesses of the characters

In the first season of My First First Love, dissimilar personalities and sides of characters were revealed. However, in the second season, more things about them were clearly shown. Wherein, their differences from one another, own strengths, and weaknesses were made visible. Plus, what I like about this is the bravery of Song Ih and O Ga Rin in different ways and means. Other characters are also courageous in their own ways, but the fighting spirit of the women here is really good and inspiring.

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All in all, they may seem so different from one another but they’ve truly represent humans in real life so well. Add up the fact that they have unalike background and past stories to tell which some viewers can relate to.

4. Significance of honesty

My First First Love season 2 taught me so well that little lies are still lies which can hunt you later on or make things much painful as time passes by. Always choose to tell the truth.

5. Lesson about friendship

The friendship between Tae Oh, Song Ih, Do Hyeon, Choe Hun, and O Ga Rin is so full of pure love. They’ve taught me a lot of important life matters and on how to keep a strong bond with your friends.

Subsequently, it is also so great to see them cheer up each other and be one another’s comfort. Wherein, it helped them a lot to know each other even more.

As for Choe Hun and O Ga Rin’s friendship, they’ve made us aware of the importance of second chance. Although they’ve experienced hard times together, O Ga Rin forgave Choe Hun. While Choe Hun did his best to reflect and never commit the same mistake again.

Meanwhile, Tae Oh and Song Ih gave us another meaning and power of friendship. While Do Hyeon showed us another level of love for his friends; in which, his strength to forgive and to set free his beloved amazed me so much.

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6. Highlights about the importance of family

No matter how painful the situation you’re in with your family members, it won’t change the fact that they’re still your family. All the characters in the drama has shown different unconditional love for their family. However, they’ve perfectly taught me one thing: You cannot replace your family nor stop loving them in the blink of an eye or even forever. Take good care of them, show them how much you love them, and give enough time for you to go out with them.

7. It focuses on important things which you need to realize when you’re in a relationship

What I’ve learned the most about this drama is the importance of comprehension, trust, and enough love for yourself while you’re in a relationship. It felt so bad that things become so messed up between Song Ih and Do Hyeon. They seem to be doing great but what happened? Is it really because of Tae Oh and his feelings? How about the break up of Tae Oh and Se Hyun?

Personally, I think that we shouldn’t pinpoint on whose fault it is. At least, they’ve taught us the importance of comprehension, trust, and self love when you’re in a relationship. Add up the things like giving time, having that “special connection”, respect, and never let your partner feel insecure or less.

To sum it up, My First First Love is seriously a great series that you should add in your must watch K-drama list. To the point that you’ll enjoy it while learning new things about life.

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