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7 Korean dramas of Cha Eun Woo that you should watch now

Recently, we’ve shared an article regarding the seven reasons why Cha Eun Woo is so loved by many. Wherein, different facts about him were all featured. One of those included reasons is Cha Eun Woo being a versatile actor. As said, “Many fans have come to know Cha Eun Woo through My ID is Gangnam Beauty. While others have already seen him in his previous Korean drama and web series.

If you’ve already watched him in few of these series, you might have also noticed that he is such a versatile actor. Whatever genre or role he takes, he can always pull it off.

Truth to be told, his acting skills is so great knowing that he first debuted as an idol. It’s so amusing to see him shine in whatever he does!”

While waiting for Cha Eun Woo for his solo fan meeting in Manila; let’s take this chance to get to know him even more through his seven Korean dramas that you should watch now!

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Take note, Cha Eun Woo either appeared on these dramas as the main or supporting character.

1. To Be Continued

Photo from Fantagio, Raccoon Media, and MyDramaList

To Be Continued tells the story of a South Korean boy band which suddenly slips back in time just a day ahead of their debut stage.

2. My Romantic Some Recipe

Photo from Naver TV Cast and MyDramaList

My Romantic Some Recipe tells the story of a college student who meets a famous idol.

3. Hit the Top

Photo from KBS

Hit the Top tells the story of an idol who accidentally travels back through 2017 from 1993. Then, he investigates into the reason why he disappeared while he’s trying to adjust to life in the future.

4. Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge tells the story of a woman who discovers a mobile application that enables her to take revenge on anyone whose name is written on it.

5. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty tells the story of a woman who decided to get plastic surgery after being bullied because of her looks which isn’t good enough to the beauty standards of society. However, she’s still being bullied at university labeling her as “Gangnam beauty”. Then, a handsome and intelligent but a distant classmate of her helped her to gain self-esteem.

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6. Top Management

Photo from YouTube Originals

Top Management tells the story of an aspiring but struggling boy band with their manager who has the ability to see the future.

7. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (ongoing)

Poster (and featured photo) from MBC

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung tells the story of the female historians at the palace during 19th century. It tackles about gender equality, social status, and the role of women during that time. It will also tell the romance between a female historian and the crown prince.

Out of these seven K-dramas of Cha Eun Woo, how many shows have you watched already? Feel free to share your feels and thoughts with us on the comment section, mga bes!

Meanwhile, don’t forget the important details about the Just One 10 Minute fan meeting of Cha Eun Woo in Manila! It will finally happen on October 26 at New Frontier Theater. Tickets will go on sale on August 10.

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  1. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung…i feel in love with the deliver the complete package of drama, action and the actos Cha Eun woo is so cute on his role…i will watch it again and again and againn

  2. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung – is superb. Nicely written and directed, and perfectly casted. Music was wonderful. Henry’s song hooked me. Shin Se-kyung and the charming eye candy Cha Eun-Woo are an endearing romantic couple. Many laugh out loud moments by the supporting cast. Its my Go-to-happy movie. I need to learn Korean.

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