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X1 unveils their official colors and logo film prior to their debut day

Are you excited to finally have a glance of X1 official colors and logo film?

On July 23, X1 unveiled their four official colors through their social media accounts. Wherein, it includes Butterfly, Ethereal Blue, Sunshine, and Galaxy Blue.

As stated, Butterfly color represents X1 members reaching for their dreams. While, Ethereal Blue color represents X1’s potentials to fly high to the blue sky. Then, Sunshine color of hope that X1’s bright smiles will shine the world. Lastly, Galaxy Blue color represents X1’s strong will to indefinitely influence the world.

Moreover, X1 had also shared their logo film last July 19. You can check it out below.

Accordingly, the group members are as follows:

  • Lee Eun Sang
  • Kang Min Hee
  • Cha Jun Ho
  • Nam Do Hyon
  • Lee Han Gyul
  • Son Dong Pyo
  • Cho Seung Youn
  • Song Hyeong Jun
  • Han Seung Woo
  • Kim Woo Seok
  • Kim Yo Han
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Furthermore, X1 are expected to debut with their show-con on August 27 at Gocheok Sky Dome.

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