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Korean Rock Bands You Should Listen To Right Now

Get to know these amazing and talented Korean bands.

Rock bands in the South Korean mainstream music scene these days is now considered as something “rare” with the saturation of the current very popular music genre KPop.

In the past, bands like Boohwal, Guckkasten, Buzz, Eve and Nell to name a few, dominate the Korean mainstream music scene. Some of these veteran bands still remain active these days with their loyal fans still on their side.

But as Idol Groups started to rise in South Korea, the general public’s attention also shifted towards them. But in the midst of all these, a few rock bands still manage to rise up to the fierce competition.

To help you discover this side of Korean Music, here are 5 South Korean Rock bands that you should listen to right now:

F.T. Island

F.T. Island, also known as Five Treasure Island was formed in 2007 by FNC Entertainment. They debuted in M! Countdown with the single “Love Sick”. The next year, they successfully debuted in Japan and still enjoys a huge popularity there these days. They are also considered as “The First Idol band” as they managed to be at par in popularity with the Idol groups during the years considered as “The Golden Age of Second Generation Kpop”.

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Considered as F.T. Island’s “Rival and Brother band”, CN Blue stands for Code Name B (Burning) L (Lovely) U (Untouchable) E (Emotional). They started performing on the streets and live clubs in Tokyo before formally debuting in August 2009 with their mini album “Now or Never”. They officially debuted in South Korea on January 2010 with “I’m a Loner” as the lead track of their Bluestory album. The song was very successful that the group managed to win their first music show win in SBS’s Inkigayo only 15 days after debut.


N.Flying also known as “New Wings” or “New Escape” is FNC’s maknae band that is formed in 2013. Like their company senior CNBlue, the group also debuted in Japan first before officially debuting on 2015 in Korea. They are now actively promoting as a band in the current times that people call as the “3rd Generation of Kpop” together with Day 6 and The Rose.

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The Rose

The band debuted under J&Star Company on August 2017, after a couple of years busking in the streets of Hongdae. Their debut song “Sorry” was named by Billboard as one of the Best Korean Pop Songs of 2017. The song was also praised by Rolling Stone India for being “a fantastic introduction to the band’s soft-rock vibe”. The band also manage to finish a sold-out Europe tour titled Paint It Rose in 2018; performing in Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, London and Budapest. This year, 2019, lead vocalist Woosung decided to participate in JTBC’s Superband further gaining more attention for the group.    (You can read more about Superband here.)


On 2015, JYP Entertainment took a step forward from their comfort zone and debuted their first rock band, Day 6. They released their debut EP, “The Day” on September 7, 2015 with the lead single “Congratulations”. The band is still currently on the rise and continuously gaining a solid worldwide fan base with their consistent release of great songs.

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You can learn more about them here.

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