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6 Reasons Why You Should Stan Day6 Right Now

Just a quick introduction; Day6 is a South Korean band from JYP Entertainment, an agency known for its popular Idol groups like Miss A, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Twice, Got7 and Stray Kids. They released their first EP (Extended Play) titled “The Day” on September 7, 2015 with the title track “Congratulations“.

Originally, they were a 6-member band but months after their official debut, one member, Junhyeok left the group and terminated his contract with JYP due to personal reasons. The band proceeded with the now 5-member team and released their 2nd EP titled “Daydream” with the lead single “Letting go“.

Fast forward to 2019, the band now has 3 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 compilation album, 5 extended plays, 20 music videos, 18 singles and millions of fans around the world which they officially called as “My Day“.

Now, if you are already a full-pledged “My Day” you can proceed to sharing this article and let everyone know how talented these boys are. *Wink*

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But, if you somehow stumbled upon the band somewhere and got interested in Day6 but is not yet their fan, here are 6 reasons why you should be stanning them right now.

1. Their vocals as a band is top-notch

Actually, the band is composed of 4 lead vocalists Jae, Young K, Sungjin, Wonpil and a drummer / adorable vocalist Dowoon. The members alternate as lead vocals for each songs and that makes their songs distinct from each other with all the mix and match of their vocals.

2. They are a group of inborn musicians

Their official positions in the band is this: Sungjin is the leader / lead vocalist / rhythm guitarist; Jae is the lead vocalist / lead guitarist / rapper; Young K is the bassist / lead vocalist / rapper; Wonpil is the keyboardist / synthesizer / lead vocalist and Dowoon is the maknae / drummer.

Another thing to note is that Day6 writes their own songs (well mostly Young K) but they are really doing a good job on this and it really shows that these guys are innately talented musicians.

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3. They don’t have any “Bad Song” as their discography is a goldmine of hits

This is really something that Day6 needs to be recognized on. In a span of almost 4 years, the band managed to continously release great songs with a diversity of themes and concepts.

It can also be seen that now they are further challenging themselves by taking on new sounds as a band.

4. Their variety sense is something to see

I won’t explain anything. Just watch the video below as a teaser.

5. Their visuals is no joke. Like seriously.

With their visuals, the members can easily pass off as an idol group. Seriously, how can they be so talented and good looking at the same time?

6. Their love for “My Day” is admirable

The group is known to favor smaller venues for concerts to be closer to their fans. They released a song called “My Day” dedicated to their fans.

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They also released a message video for their fans during the time of their “Every Day6” project.

Day6 already went on their 1st world tour in 2018 and even stopped by KIA Theater, Manila on October 6, 2018. As the venue is small, many fans wasn’t able to watch it.

Good news is that they are coming back to Manila this November! So start saving up for that ticket! After all, watching a rockband perform live is the best thing right?

For the meantime, let’s watch their latest comeback lead single “Sweet Chaos” below:

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