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LOOK: INFINITE drops official version 2 of Yeobong for Nam Woohyun’s upcoming 2nd solo concert

For how many years of waiting, INFINITE just dropped the new version of their lightstick!

On July 18, the official Twitter account of INFINITE shared the official list of merchandise for Nam Woohyun’s upcoming 2nd solo concert. Wherein, it includes the version 2 of the group’s Yeobong.

Personally, the lightstick looks so beautiful and special. Although it took Woollim Entertainment a long time to release this, it seems like the long wait is worth it.

Moreover, are you planning to avail one of it? As stated, the order time for it will start on July 18 until July 21 in With Drama. Then, the pick up date will be on the same day of Woohyun’s concert on August 10 to 11 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

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Meanwhile, INSPIRITS are asking if this is a sign that the members will renew their contracts. Some are getting nervous already over it and afraid to lose another member.

However, one thing is for sure; no matter what happens, INSPIRITS will always love and support the group and each of them.

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