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Ku Hye Sun talks about married life with husband Ahn Jae Hyun

On July 10, Ku Hye Sun attended a press interview to talk about her new novel Tears are Heart Shaped. She mentioned, “The novel is about love and relationship; the first I made since my 2009 novel about first love. I talked a lot about my own relationship.”

When asked if she intends to publish a novel about her love story with Ahn Jae Hyun, she said; “I think, we showed a lot about ourselves in the entertainment show Newlywed Diary. I think, we were able to share a lot of moments that we couldn’t now; like our life as newlyweds.”

Ku Hye Sun continued, “I don’t know what will happen but I’ll write a book if I have something to reveal in 10 years. I’ll keep it in my mind. In fact, it’s hard to live with someone like me. So, I always thank him for being alive.”

When asked about the difference between dating and marriage, Ku Hye Sun answered; “The good thing is there’s another person at home. Then, the bad thing is there’s someone else at home. If you’re in a relationship, you go home separately. However, if you’re married, you go to the same home.”

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Meanwhile, Ku Hye Sun also wrote Tango, Peach Tree, and Ku Hye Sun’s The Story Behind the Making of Magic.

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