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Filipina beauty queen Winwyn Marquez shares short but warm message for ARMY’s 6th “birthday”

July 9 marks the official fan club’s birthday of ARMYs as they were born on July 9, 2013. Today, they’re already celebrating their 6th anniversary together!

To celebrate this special day, various ARMY in the world expressed their happiness for being together through posting online. Subsequently, they’re also using the hashtags, “6yearswithARMY, ARMYwithBTS, and ArmyMeansFamily.”

Meanwhile, Filipina beauty queen Winwyn Marquez has also shared her short but warm message for ARMYs. She said in the caption; “Happy 6th Anniversary to you ARMYs around the world!!✨ I think I can say that im a new army in your 6th yr? yes?💜 super happy to be part of this fam.” Ending it with the hashtag, “ArmyMeansFamily.”

Moreover, many ARMYs have noticed her warm message and were so happy upon reading it. In which, they’ve expressed their joy through replying to her tweet. Additionally, they’ve given her a warm welcome to the family.

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Furthermore, we are also sending our love to all ARMYs in the world! We are wishing all the best for y’all and happy 6th anniversary.

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