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5 Reasons why you should attend the BENCH “Fun Meet” of Dylan Wang in Manila

Wang Hedi, also known as Dylan Wang, is a well-known Chinese actor, singer, and model. He entered the entertainment industry in 2016; then, gained popularity worldwide through his lead role in 2018 Meteor Garden remake.

Many people have recognized and praised him for portraying Daoming Si that well. Others have also appreciated him, his talent, and good attitude.

Afterwards, Dylan has been announced as the new endorser for clothing brand Bench. Followed by the news that he will be starring in a new historical drama.

Currently, Dylan is so busy with his several projects; which includes his upcoming fun meet in Manila. The Bench promo which features the event in Manila started last July 5 to 7, 2019. However, Bench has officially announced that the promo has been extended. Meaning, fans can still purchase any regular-priced Bench items to get an invite for the fun meet. Promo duration is from July 9 to 12, 2019.

Have you been thinking to avail a pass for the upcoming event of Dylan? However, you’re still unsure about it? Don’t think twice in coming to his fun meet, mga bes! To help you all, we’ve listed the five reasons why you should attend the Bench fun meet of Dylan Wang in Manila.

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1. Passionate, hard working, and kindhearted person

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In everything that Dylan is doing, he always gives his best. He puts so much effort in fulfilling his role and tries to understand its purpose deeply. Additionally, Dylan is well-known for being a kindhearted person. Others praise him for his good attitude and behavior.

Saying that, for sure, Dylan has exerted too much effort to prepare for his upcoming fan meeting in Manila. He will surely be happy if he will be able to see and meet his Filipino fans. Let us show our love, appreciation, and support for him by attending the event!

2. Great singer and dancer

Dylan has proven his great singing and dancing skills for how many times. Personally, I really do love his Don’t Even Have to Think About It song as it fits well his voice; though he can always slay any song. It is just that, the song and his voice are both soothing in the ears and good to listen to whatever mood you are in.

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What if Dylan Wang serenades his fans and performs in his upcoming event? You shouldn’t miss out on watching him live, mga bes!

3. Even by simply talking, he can make you smile

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There’s something about Dylan that can make you smile so easily. Even if he just simply talk, he can already make you smile. What more if you will finally hear his voice live, be in the same place, and have a glimpse of his sweet smiles?

4. Stage presence

Dylan’s stage presence is no joke. Personally, by just watching him through the posted videos, my heart feels like it will explode anytime because of happiness.

He has that charisma and charm that will melt your heart and send you smiles. So powerful, right?

Would you dare missing the chance in seeing him up close and watching him perform live?

5. Awesome opportunity

Bench’s promo is so budget friendly. If you’re planning to get an invite for the event, you need and can also purchase regular-priced Bench items. Purchase requirements start from PHP 500 to PHP 4,000. You get to shop and have an invite for the event at the same time.

Sadly, there is no guarantee that Dylan will come back in the Philippines. If you can afford to get a ticket, why not grab this opportunity now? Don’t lose this opportunity, mga bes.

Furthermore, it is still your choice, mga bes! If you know that you can allocate enough budget for it and you’re free on that day, why not go for it? We are cheering for you!

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Mark the date now in your calendar; July 20, Saturday, 5PM at Araneta Coliseum. For other details, click here. If you have any concern or question, visit the official website of Bench to contact them.

On the other hand, we would like to thank Bench for this opportunity! We are also extending our gratitude to Dylan Wang for taking this chance to meet us, his Filipinos fans; and for all of his hard work since then up until now. We are rooting for you!

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