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38 Times Kim Heechul Proved Himself To Be An ‘Out Of This World’ Idol

July 10 is ‘우주 대스타‘ Kim Heechul’s birthday!

It has been an inside joke within the group and the fandom that thankfully, this is 9 days after Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk’s birthday on the 1st of July — or else we will be getting Heechul as the leader; a thought that gives quite a shiver to the SJ members as well as the fans (lol).

Last time, on his debut anniversary, we gave you “15 Reasons Why We Love Super Junior’s Kim Heechul“. This time, to celebrate his 38th birthday (I had to mention that) let’s look at this list of random moments that will surely entertain you (whether you’re not yet a fan) and probably convert you into a his fan.

Warning: This will be a very long list but it will definitely be entertaining. It will be very random in terms of content so you can just watch and enjoy the videos.

1. Kim Heechul in a nutshell

2. When he showed everyone how the game ‘당연하지’ (dangyeonhaji) should be played

3. He’s really destined to be a TV celebrity

4. When his quite rebellious pre-debut attitude almost got him kicked out of SM for good

5. His visuals, together with TVXQ’s Jaejoong started the the ‘Flower Boy Idol’ Trend

6. Even with the saddest stories he will make you laugh

7. When him playing the drums will be one of the hottest things you’ll see in your day

8. That time when he “gate-crashed” Lee Dahae and Park Siyeon’s lunch out

9. This undying but “self-fueled” rumor

10. Believe it or not, he was once an English major in college

11. This savage-ness is one of a kind

12. The “Dancing Machine” alert

13. When he finally returned to his “Idol Self”

14. His Min Kyunghoon imitation never gets old

15. That time when you’ll believe that “corn is life”

16. When he learned the hard way not to make drunken promises

17. When he literally became a disney princess for a good cause

18. When his hairstyle collection had become so large JTBC can even make a video special for it

19. When he proved that he really belongs to the right group

20. Never really judge a book by its cover

21. When he’s in a very good mood the world is a better place

22. This legendary cosplay that probably converted many into his fans

23. When he finally appeared on King of the Masked Singer and made it to the 3rd round

24. This debut stage of M&D is still iconic

25. When even at his worst shape, he still makes everyone laugh

26. When he showed that the statement “once a fan, always a fan” is true

27. Fanservice overload

28. That time when he’ll make you sing in Chinese

29. “No Game, No Life”

30. When he warned us about “Fake News”

31. First Generation Girl Group dancer, the “Yellow Beanie Fairy”

32. Probably one of the few singers that will show this side of the music recording process

33. The “Variety Super Rookie”

34. He rarely cries but when he does, you’ll feel devastated

35. When he (together with Kangin) proved that Idols can also do musicals and became the first idols to do so

36. That time when he teased Kim Jongkook for the whole show episode

37. When his ‘Cooking Journey’ have been well documented by SBS

38. When he finally gave his fans the solo song debut that they have been wishing for since day 1

Did you enjoy the video clips above? Now you’ll have some idea why this guy is so loved nowadays. With his wit, honesty, talent, personality and many more, one can’t help but love this guy. He might have been pestered by tons of antis (haters) during his early years in the industry but over the years he has managed to become one of the most loved korean idol by being true to himself.

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According to him, “Being different from others isn’t wrong. Not everyone has to be measured the same way. People who are playful; who party hard; who does anything at all; who aren’t good at doing things. I think they are all needed. If I can uphold/abide by the most basic things that are needed, even if 10 or 20 years have passed, someday I’ll hear: ‘Ah, Kim Heechul didn’t do anything wrong'”.

Again, Happy Birthday to the Universe’s Biggest Star!

Disclaimer: Credits to all the original video editors and uploaders who painstakingly compiled and sometimes translated the video clips. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

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