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Filipino director and actor who has been part of “Arthdal Chronicles” shares BTS of the drama

Recently, it has been revealed that the Filipino director and actor made his appearance in the korean hit drama Arthdal Chronicles. None other than, Nash Ang! Aside from that, he is also well-known as a Korean language teacher. You can check out his Speak Like Korean here.

Moreover, Nash Ang is the one who directed and written the Filipino-Korean movie Seoul Mates. It is a film that has been included in the 2014 Cinema One Film Festival. What’s more! Kim Jisoo is one of its lead artists.

Meanwhile, he was also the Filipino actor in Arthdal Chronicles who confirmed that Philippine regional language Tausug has been used in the drama.

On July 2, Nash Ang posted on Facebook featuring the behind the scene of Arthdal Chronicles. It features nine photos with different captions. While on the main post, he mentioned; “Dahil nageffort kayo hanapin ako dito sa FB, let me share you some behind the scenes ng production of Arthdal Chronicles.”

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See screenshots below or click here.

On the same day, he also shared other six photos; with the caption, “Plot twist: So kung people from the Wahan tribe managed to fight the thugs and escape, ganito mangyayari. Nagyoyosi habang kumakain ng chicken. Deujumseng ang ina nila.” Adding an emoji at the end.

See screenshot below or click here.

We would like to congratulate director and actor Nash Ang for his successes! Thank you for bringing an honor to our country. We wish you all the best as you truly deserve it.

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