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Where are the “Secret Garden” cast members now?

Secret Garden is a 2010 SBS Korean drama starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. The cast members list also includes Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, Lee Jong Suk, and Yoo In Na.

Did you know that this K-drama gained huge ratings success and popularity around the world? In fact, Secret Garden won various awards at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards and the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards. Additionally, it has already been aired in the Philippines thrice. Twice in GMA Network in 2011 and 2015; then, once in GMA News TV in 2016.

In my case, it was the first K-drama I get so addicted to. I even get to stay up late at night just to watch this in GMA Network. There is just something about it that I couldn’t resist and can’t get enough of. From the story to cast members, all of it are so worthy to be a fan of. Afterwards, our neighborhood had even handed me a CD copy of it. At a young age, I wasn’t aware that it is illegal.

Moreover, my fan heart and self did not stop from loving Secret Garden. Although, I really don’t know how many times I’ve watched it, I know well that this drama is so great and one of the stories that can capture many fans’ hearts.

Are you an avid fan of this K-drama? Or are you a fan of its cast members? Have you ever thought where are the cast members now? Then, you might want to read the information given below to check out on them!

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Hyun Bin

Photo from Warta Kota

In 2011, Hyun Bin began his military enlistment service, the same year when Secret Garden has ended. Then, he get discharged last December 2012. While he was on the army, his representative announced that he will be working with Shin Min Ah to establish their agency O& Entertainment. Later in 2016, Hyun Bin revealed that he will set up his own agency VAST Entertainment.

After Secret Garden and his military discharge, Hyun Bin continues to star in various K-dramas and movies. For dramas, he played lead roles in Hyde Jekyll, Me; Memories of the Alhambra; and Emergency Love Landing. For movies, he took part in The Fatal Encounter, Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, The Negotiation, and Rampant.

Recently, his drama Crash Landing On You with Son Ye Jin aired its finale. It has the highest rated Korean drama episode in tvN history as of writing.

To know more about him, check out the interview below.

Ha Ji Won

Photo from allkpop

Ha Ji Won is well-known for being so dedicated in her work. Whenever she has a new drama to take part on, she makes sure that all about her will fit on the character she will portray. With that, she has already gained a lot of awards.

In 2013, a representative of Ha Ji Won announced that she is set to establish her own agency Haewadal Entertainment.

After Secret Garden, Ha Ji Won participated in K-movies like As One, The Huntresses, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, Life Risking Romance, and Manhunt. Meanwhile, she also took part in K-dramas, such as The King 2 Hearts, Empress Ki, The Time We Were Not in Love, and Hospital Ship.

Yoon Sang Hyun

Photo from Channel Korea

Yoon Sang Hyun released his Japanese debut studio album Precious Days in 2011. Additionally, he also held concerts and showcases in Japan.

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When Secret Garden aired its last episode, he appeared in several K-dramas and movies. For instance, Can’t Lose, I Can’t Hear Your Voice, Gap Dong, Pinocchio, The Time We Were Not in Love, My Horrible Boss, Shopping King Louie, Ms. Perfect, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hold Me Tight, and Terius Behind Me. Making him work again with co-star Lee Jong Suk in two dramas.

While, his K-movies include Tone Deaf Clinic, A Dynamite Family, and Girl Cops.

Kim Sa Rang

Photo from Channel Korea

Kim Sa Rang is well known for being Miss Korea in 2000. After her appearance in Secret Garden, she played roles in This is My Love and Abyss.

Check out the song Demon of Jay Park below; wherein, Kim Sa Rang was featured.

Lee Jong Suk

Photo from PEP

Lee Jong Suk gained popularity with his supporting role in Secret Garden. Then and there, he started playing lead roles in various K-dramas and movies. In which, almost all of it achieved great ratings success.

The K-dramas which he took part in as main character are: High Kick, Revenge of the Short Legged; My Prettiest Moments (drama special); School 2013; I Can Hear Your Voice; Doctor Stranger; Pinocchio; W; While You Were Sleeping; The Hymn of Death (drama special); and Romance is A Bonus Book.

While, the K-movies he appeared in are: R2B, Return to Base; The Face Reader; No Breathing; Hot Young Bloods; and V.I.P.

Additionally, he has also been part of several web series, television shows, and music videos. Moreover, Lee Jong Suk held his first fan meeting in Manila last November 18, 2018.

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Currently, he is completing his military service; and expected to be discharged on January 2021.

Yoo In Na

Photo from Soompi

Yoo In Na was also a supporting character in Secret Garden like Lee Jong Suk. In 2011, she perfectly shown off his singing skills as she for a film’s soundtrack. Later in 2012, she starred in her first K-drama as a leading character.

The K-dramas where she appeared in are: The Greatest Love, Birdie Buddy, Queen and I, You Are the Best, Potato Star 2013QR3, My Love from the Star, My Secret Hotel, The Secret Message, One More Happy Ending, Goblin, Top Star U-back, and Touch Your Heart.

On the other hand, her K-movies include My Black Mini Dress and Love Fiction. Moreover, Yoo In Na also took part in entertainment shows and music videos.

Secret Garden will always be one of the treasures of Korean Entertainment. It is a great piece that can make the viewers laugh, cry, and get crazy with. If you haven’t watched it yet; then, you should try it now and gete hooked by it. You’re not too late to be a fan of Secret Garden as well, bes!

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