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EXO’s Kyungsoo’s solo track tops iTunes charts in 16 countries + Hits millions of views already on YouTube

EXO‘s Kyungsoo’s That’s Okay is gaining recognition around the world! As of writing the article, D.O.’s song had risen to the top on the iTunes charts in 16 countries. Wherein, it includes Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, and Kazakhstan. Then, in Mauritius, Oman, Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, EXO‘s official Twitter has revealed that Kyungsoo’s That’s Okay has also achieved top spots in other charts.

Furthermore, its official music video has already gained over two million views in YouTube. Subsequently, it already has 59,000 comments and 668,000 likes. You can check out the video below or click here.

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Meanwhile, D.O. has officially entered the military training center on July 1, the same day when his song was released. Additionally, EXO’s seven members were present to send off Kyungsoo; except Xiumin who’s currently serving in the army.

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