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10 Korean pop boy groups dancing to female idols’ songs

Korean pop boy groups are all talented and charismatic in their own ways. It has been proven by various idols in different eras. Subsequently, it is inevitable for them to have similarities and differences from one another. Yet, one thing is for sure, they all have the charm which makes many fans fall in love over them.

With all their sharp moves, great vocals, incomparable talents, and more; have you ever seen your favorites dancing to K-pop girl groups’ song? Or have you ever watched other groups doing so?

Why not take your time by checking out all the videos below? Presenting, 10 K-pop boy groups dancing to female idols’ songs!


INFINITE is well-known for dancing to girl group’s songs. From their leader to their maknae (youngest member), they’re all great in slaying it. Have you seen the video from above? It’s one of the episodes coming from Weekly Idol. Wherein, it features every member of INFINITE dancing to random girl groups’ song. Aren’t they so good in doing it? Moreover, the most memorable thing about it is when Sungyeol covered Pick Me of I.O.I. Guess what! Even Kim Myungsoo was so amazed by him and his moves.

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2. EXO

Video credits to Weekly Idol

EXO is so adorable as a group and as individuals. It is just that, their differences and similarities compliment one another. With that, it makes them more stunning and charming. On the other side, have you already seen them dancing to girl groups’ song? They’re incomparable! The video from above is from the episode 108 of Weekly Idol. It’s so refreshing and lovely to watch as we can see each member enjoying their time together to bond!

Meanwhile, the video below features Kai proving how great he is as a dance machine. The moves are so great!

Video credits watermarked


WANNA ONE is so great in dancing girl groups’ song (1:50) without forgetting to enjoy the moment. Look at the other members supporting the ones dancing in the middle! The vibes are so good.

4. BTS

The video from above is so perfect to uplift our moods! BTS‘ members have shown their own charisma and different personalities. Can we call all of them as bias wreckers? Don’t miss out on their facial reactions! So cute.


Can you all see the precious smiles on their faces? The excitement of them is visible as they start dancing (0:59) into girl groups’ song! Indeed, they’re so great.

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GOLDEN CHILD is composed of awesome singers and dancers. They can slay any genre of music and dance; even the girl group’s song! Look at Daeyeol being so cute and charming; your Sungyeol hyung is surely proud of you.


Video credits watermarked

BIGBANG has this different strong bond that many fans love so much. However, you’ll forget about it as soon as you see them in Weekly Idol dancing to girl group’s song. They’re competitiveness is so high! Yet, it cannot be denied that they’re all so great in doing it. Even their stage presence is no joke!

8. GOT7

Video credits watermarked

In every K-pop boy group, there always seem to be a missing member of another girl group. As for GOT7, can we say that it’s Bambam? He can totally pass as a female idol dancing machine! On the other hand, all of the members are so good in dancing to girl group’s songs.


BTOB’s cover of Dumb Dumb is just so gold. It cannot even be denied that they’ve pulled it off so well! Look at their dance moves and charisma; you won’t get fed up of it. In fact, you would even ask for more!

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THE BOYZ has previously held their fan-con in Manila. Wherein, they’ve perfectly shown off their talents to their Filipino fans. They’re one of the best K-pop groups out there that has this great stage presence. In the video from above, they’ve danced to What is Love? of Twice. When you try to watch them singing and dancing, it always feels so good to do so. They know well how to shine brightly!

Did you enjoy watching these awesome K-pop boy groups covering other girl group’s songs? What if we tell you that KBS World TV has this video featuring idols from different boy band dancing to Bad Girl Good Girl? You’ve read it right, mga bes! Watch the full video below.

Have you seen your idols in the list? If yes, how did you feel upon watching them? If no, feel free to share with us their group name and title of girl group song they’ve covered!

Above all, isn’t it so great to see them dancing to female idols’ songs? Their reactions, dances moves, and other’s competitiveness are all priceless and worth it!

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