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READ: A heartfelt poetry and letter of a fan to EXO’s Kyungsoo prior to his military enlistment

Heartfelt poetry for Kyungsoo

All photos credit to weareoneEXO
Days are passing by so fast,
So scared that July 1 will come at last.
What if I'll try to forget about that day?
So, I won't remember that you're away?

No, it's not right,
It's not even alright,
To keep on closing my eyes,
So, my ears won't hear your goodbyes.

Sorry if I have thought about it;
That's not what you deserve, even a bit.
You are so precious to me,
You are so special to many.

You are the light,
Who shines in day and night;
Who gave me hope and joy for so long,
Which help me to be strong.

You are a flower,
Who blooms everywhere;
Slaying on stage and on screen,
You could even pass as a model in magazine.

One smile from you and it'll flatter my heart;
Making you my favorite art.
I also love watching you dance as it gives me butterfly;
Even listening to your voice makes me cry.

In less than a day,
You'll finally be away,
To enter military enlistment,
To serve your country and show commitment.

I love you with all my heart;
Even if we will be apart,
I won't forget about you,
As I will always be here for you.

Serve your country well, Kyungsoo.
Then, I'll continue studying so well too.
Be healthy and be happy,
So, there won't be no reason for me to be unhappy.

Heartfelt letter for Kyungsoo

July 1 is less than a day away from today. Which means, the enlistment day of Kyungsoo is getting nearer. It feels so sad that we finally need to send him off to army. However, it doesn’t mean that we won’t wait for him, right? In fact, our love for him is so big that waiting won’t make it weak and lesser.

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Do Kyungsoo, did someone tell you that you are not just an incomparable idol but also a great actor? That’s right! That’s for real. Aside from that, you are also a kind-hearted person! You are so soft inside and so caring. You are one of the best individuals I’ve known in my life; and I will never regret being a die hard fan of you. You are even one of my favorite blessings which God has given me.

We are wishing all the best for you as you embark on your military duty and journey. Thank you for everything. Thank you for doing your best, for doing what you love, and for being just you. If only you know how big your impact in my life. I tell you, Kyungsoo, you’ve brought light, love, strength, inspiration, and joy to my life. I love you! We love you so much.

Never forget how proud I am of you. I have so many things to tell you but words wouldn’t be enough for it. Hoping to see you soon on stage, slaying as always! Thank you so much for being part of my life. Please, stay healthy! Do what makes you happy and feel fulfilled. We will always be here to support you, love you, and respect your decisions because you deserve it all.

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