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SM Station shares further details regarding the solo track of D.O. before he enlists

July 1 is so near from today. Which means, the enlistment day of EXO’s Do Kyungsoo is already few days away. Accordingly, SM Station revealed that he will be releasing a solo track prior to his enlistment.

On June 21, OSEN has reported that D.O. will be releasing a solo track through SM Station. Followed by his last solo release which is an official sound track for his 2014 movie Cart.

Subsequently, D.O will be the second member of the boy band EXO to enter military. Following, Xiumin who began his military service last May.

On June 26, SM Town has released an update with regards to the solo track of D.O. See the tweet below.

As stated, the song will be released through SM Station Season 3; on July 1 at 6PM KST. It will be titled That’s Okay with the genre of R&B. What’s more! It was revealed that Kyungsoo participated in writing the lyrics.

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Isn’t Kyungsoo is so talented? In addition, it seems like he really worked hard for this solo track. So, let’s anticipate and wait for it! Although, it cannot be denied that it’s sad that we’re getting closer to his enlistment day. However, it doesn’t mean that we won’t wait for him.

Serve well your country, Kyungsoo! Please, take care of yourself. Our love for you will grow everyday, that’s for sure.

Photo credits to weareoneEXO

We are wishing all the best for you because you truly deserve it! We know that we will be able to hear your incomparable vocals in your upcoming song.

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