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SUPER BAND: The Super Audition Program You Should Be Watching Right Now

South Korea’s music scene is currently being ruled by the Korean Pop Music a.k.a. KPOP, the music genre that managed to cross multiple borders and stand at the forefront of South Korea’s Hallyu wave.

Wherein, the demand for K-pop idols gave rise to the start of various Idol Producing Reality Programs and therefore creating more groups that add to the already competitive market.

On the other hand, South Korean cable channel JTBC took on the mission to diversify their current music industry. The program creators recognize this current lack of music from bands so they launched a show that aims to create a “Super” band from a pool of versatile musicians composed of vocalists, classical musicians, band instrumentalists and even DJ’s.

Moreover, the audition performances of the contestants are already proof enough that they are composed of music prodigies of different ages, music genres and specialties. The vocalists on this show are also some of the best vocalists in the history of South Korean music audition program.

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The Auditions

The contestants are to group themselves and create a legendary musical performance and advance to the next contest stages. Subsequently, the winning “Super Band” will get a prize money of 100 million won and a chance to do a concert tour.

Furthermore, the show’s five judges are composed of veteran singer-producers Yoon Jong-shin and Yoon Sang, Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, Nell’s lead vocalist Kim Jong-wan, and K-pop duo AKMU’s Suhyun.

Meanwhile, it premiered last April 12, 2019 and as of June 21, the show is already on its 11th episode. However, it’s not yet too late to start watching as the real battle starts on the 12th episode. The show airs every Friday 9PM in JTBC. Unfortunately, at the mean time, international viewers can only access the raw episode clips of the episodes on JTBC’s official YouTube channels.

To give you a quick overview (and many goosebumps) watch the videos of some of the performances below:

Did the videos above caught your interest? Head over to JTBC’s official YouTube channel and watch all the performances. Trust me, it will be one of your best decisions ever but brace yourself; you’ll probably have goosebumps for every clip.

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