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READ: A letter of a fan to her ultimate bias group and co-Hallyu fans

Take time to read; long post ahead, but please still try to see it ’til end.

For being a fangirl for a decade, I’ve seen and idolized many Korean artists and groups. I’ve already watched so many dramas, music videos, concert fan cams, behind the scenes, and clips of various artists. I wouldn’t even deny that I like so many groups, idols, actors, and actresses. All of them have their differences from one another, uniqueness, beauty, own charisma, and awesome talents. However, there is only this one K-pop group which I have loved so much and will love for eternity. Call it true love and pure love. Maybe, we really have this “ultimate” favorite group, idol, or artist; whom will always be the “one” in our hearts, no matter how many favorites we will have. For me, it’s INFINITE.

My story

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I became a “die hard” fan of the said group since 2016; but I’ve known them even before that year. It was “a bit late” to become an Inspirit, right? Because INFINITE debuted in 2010 and six longs years has passed when I became a fan of them. From 2009 to 2015, I was always the busy student-fangirl with school stuff, books, writing stories, basketball, table tennis, K-dramas, Wonder Girls, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, NU’EST, EXO, and BTS. I listen to numerous songs and K-groups, and watch music videos, dramas, and movies.

However, it is only INFINITE who caught my attention so much. I didn’t even notice that I’ve already watched all their variety shows on YouTube, VLive, and other sites. I’ve listened and watched all the clips of them online that I’ve seen. When they’re happy, I’m happy. When they’re crying, I’m crying. When Hoya left the group on my birthday, I cried so hard for how many days, and still crying sometimes when I miss him and OT7. When someone is leaving for military, I don’t know if I’ll get proud or cry because I need to wait two long years to see them back. I also get afraid if they’re doing good and healthy there. How are they? Do they feel sad? Tired? How’s Sungjong, Myungsoo, and Woohyun doing without the other members?

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Although others might think that it was a bit late for me for being an “Inspirit”, but I’ve never felt that way. INFINITE has always been so welcoming, loving, and understanding. INSPIRITS have always been the supporters who are friendly, warm, and miles away from “fan wars”. This is the fandom that I’ve seen peace, love, growth, concern, respect, and unity. There might always be “greater” fandom but I love INFINITE x INSPIRITS so much that I couldn’t afford to lose them. I call them all my one of the greatest and favorite blessings in this world.

To my co-Hallyu fans

There, I realized that yes, being with our favorites since day 1 is so important. Because we get to see them from the bottom or from the start, we get to see their firsts—first performance, first big stage, first win, every little and big first—and more. However, what matters most is being with them until forever. Wherein, we get to be there with them in days full of struggles, we get to be their support system, we get to be there who believe in them, we get to make them feel that our love for them is not fading, and more. You’ve been a fan of a certain idol, group, or artist for a year? Two? Three? Or more? That doesn’t make you less of a fan. That’s just a number. Yet, our pure love, sincerity, care, and undying support for them cannot be compared by things that cannot last.

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To my ultimate bias group and all of our idols

I miss INFINITE so much and get to worry about their health and happiness, but that’s part of being a fan. We care so much about them that their happiness is always the top priority. I may not be able to see OT7 in their 2013 and 2015 tours in Manila. However, I am already happy that they’ve come to visit our country as OT7. Moreover, I will not deny that I am still hoping for an OT7; or concert and/or fan meet of INFINITE or any members here in Manila. If I could see them from afar or face-to-face, that will mean a lot. For now, what I really wanted is for them to be purely happy as they get to do things they like or as they achieve their own goals in life.

Let’s take this time and thank our favorites! Thank you for giving light, love, and joy to our lives and hearts. You all are loved and appreciated. Forever. Please, never let your precious smiles be taken by anyone or anything else. Please, never forget that you all are always more than what you think about yourselves. Thank you for being so hard working, loving, and caring that there might come a time that you forget about yourselves. Thank you might not be enough but thank you to all of you.

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Thank you for being a fan…

I would also like to thank all the Hallyu fans out there who never fail in supporting Hallyu artists. Thank you for being with them in their ups and downs; and for not leaving your idols and/or fandom. Thank you for making me realize that loving a foreign artist, song, group, and idol will not make us a less of human.

We love. We support. We try to learn the culture of Korea. We try to embrace other’s traditions. We try to understand a language we’re not familiar with when we were young. We try to unite and be as one. We try to be understanding, welcoming, accepting of other’s opinions, bright, and positive. Please, never get tired of loving the ones who truly make you believe in yourself and in other’s strengths and uniqueness. We can love and learn other country’s culture, songs, and language while fighting, loving, and caring for our own country, beliefs, culture and tradition.

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