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5 Reasons why you should attend the fan-con of THE BOYZ in Manila

We’re only 9 days away from the fan-con of THE BOYZ in Manila, mga bes! Have you bought your tickets already for this upcoming event? If not yet, you should hurry now at the nearest ticket store from you! Know why? Because June 30 will surely be an extraordinary fan-con for us, The B’s, and The Boyz.

Don’t forget the details: June 30, Sunday, 5PM at New Frontier Theater. For more information, you can click here or visit Three Angles Production.

Moreover, we’ve listed all the things you need to look forward to the event. Here it goes; the 5 reasons why you should attend the fan-con of THE BOYZ in Manila.

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1. Sulit

If you’re planning on having a night filled with joy and satisfaction; then, you should grab your tickets now for The Castle in Manila. THE BOYZ will surely give us great performances and fan service. In addition, the tickets’ price is so affordable and good deal. Three Angles Production is also giving us fan perks! Isn’t it so worthy to spend our money? Plus, all ticket holders are entitled to Hi-Touch, official tour photocard set, and poster!

See attached photos below.

Isn’t it so great? Wherein, the value it contains that you may perceive is more than what you will pay for.

2. They are great performers

What I really like about them is their sharp moves which will surely give you goosebumps! Even their dancing and singing skills compliment each other. In addition, their visuals and stage presence are no joke!

This kind of cuteness and stage performance will surely melt your hearts, mga bes. You shouldn’t miss out on their live performances this June 30!

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3. They are so energetic and bubbly

They are so funny, enjoyable, and lovely to watch. It seems like they are always on full charge; as they keep on showing us their energetic and bubbly sides.

4. The Boyz are so in love with their fans

The Boyz is so active on their group’s Twitter account. It feels so great to see them sharing their days and nights with The B’s. Additionally, they never fail in showing their love to their fans. Adorable idols, indeed!

5. Fun filled fan projects and more!

The Boyz Philippines is currently working on fan projects, fan supports, fund raising, giveaways, and more! It’s getting exciting, so worthy, and fun, right?

Click here for more information.

Let’s support The Boyz Philippines, their projects, and The B’s, mga bes! On top of that, please continue in showing your love for The Boyz. Subsequently, we are wishing all the best for the group and with their upcoming event in Manila!

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