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South Korean boy group VAV is currently in the Philippines

Are you a fan of the rising and talented Korean pop group VAV? Did you know that the whole group is currently in the Philippines? Yes, you’ve read that right, mga bes!

On June 18, VAV Official Twitter account has shared a hint where the group is currently located. It was written on the caption; “[VAV] Mega #Spoiler just for VAMPZ!! Try to guess where is our summer boy VAV now~?👀” Adding the hashtags, “브이에이브이, MV, 뮤직비디오대형스포, and 여름여름해.” Then, having an emoji of a beach.

On the same day, VAV official has revealed the location of the group. Guess where are they now? They are in a place where you can loosen up so well and find extra joy; Bohol, Philippines!

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As stated, VAV is in Bohol to film their new music video, VAMPZ. It was also mentioned that the full members are present for it.

Isn’t the background from the tweets looks so fantastic and it feels so relaxing? In which, it suits well the aura and vibes of the members.

We hope that the group will have a great time while filming in Bohol! May they also have the chance to take a rest and unwind. Moreover, may they hearts be captured by the beauty of Bohol, Philippines!

On the other hand, if you will ever have the chance to see them; don’t forget to fangirl responsibly, mga bes. Let us help them enjoy the nature and have a fun filled work.

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