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READ: Are Jerry Yan and Shen Yue going to star in a drama together?

Many Meteor Garden fans have been anticipating to watch Jerry Yan and Shen Yue in a drama together; after they’ve reenacted a Meteor Garden break-up scene in a show. It has given us different vibes, pain, and feels. Although, Jerry Yan came from the 2001 Meteor Garden. While, Shen Yue is from the 2018 remake.

Moreover, various fans have commented that the two really look good together. Wherein, a drama having them as main leads will be a great idea. In addition, they have also shown us how great they are in acting.

See video below; you can turn it on 18:13.

On June 17, DiY Philippines Official has revealed that Shen Yue and Jerry Yan will officially be in one drama. Followed by an Instagram story of sharon_ming888 of Xiao Shen’s new drama’s official Weibo account. See tweet below for more information.

Are you excited to see them together in one drama? This is not just so exciting but enjoyable as well to wait for. Original Dao Ming Si and 2018 Shan Cai everyone! Two prominent artists who have surely made us feel the roller coaster of emotions in two Meteor Garden versions and in other shows as well.

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