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10 Reasons why Do Kyungsoo is not just an ordinary idol who can take away the hearts of many fans

EXO’s Do Kyungsoo is well-known for having great vocals and dancing skills. For the past years, he never fails in showing us his incomparable sides as a Korean pop idol. However, D.O. has something to offer more than that. Did you all know that he has also superb acting skills?

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In addition, Kyungsoo could also be your bias wrecker and/or your ultimate bias. That’s how powerful he is. As mentioned, Kyungsoo has something more to offer which sometimes cannot be described by words; as he is not just the ordinary idol who can take away the hearts of many Hallyu fans.

With D.O.’s near military enlistment; why not we take this opportunity to step closer to him by knowing him more, his talents, capabilities, and other sides?

1. Great vocals

Kyungsoo is already shining in their group activities, songs, and more. What’s more in official soundtracks and solo songs, right? In a matter of fact, listening to the OSTs he sang has already became my favorite thing to do. Saying that, I always feel so proud of him. There is something about his voice that will touch your heart and make you cry at the same time.

Even if I keep on listening to his voice, I can never get enough of it.

2. Incomparable dancing skills

Kyungsoo can effortlessly dance and make it look so great.

Whenever he’s dancing, I always find myself getting lost in him.

Original clips belong to KBS

Isn’t he so adorable and attractive at the same time?

3. Superb acting skills

I’ve first seen Kyungsoo acting in EXO Next Door. Although he doesn’t have enough exposure on that Korean drama, I’ve already noticed that there’s something about him which is so attracting. Then, I’ve watched the movie My Annoying Brother. Upon seeing the film, I was so surprised and amazed by him at the same time. I didn’t know that D.O. will fit on a movie with comedy and drama genre. Despite the fact that My Annoying Brother is such a tear-jerker, I enjoyed watching it because of its content, lessons, and of course the superb acting skills of D.O.

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Making Film

Followed by Hello, Monster K-drama. Although he is only the young version of one of the lead characters here, you will probably enjoy his scenes. Even the word wow is so understatement to explain things up. In my opinion, he is one of the best of best Korean idols who can slay acting. Maybe it’s because of his eyes which talks emotions, or body language, and/or more.

Then, I started binge watching his dramas and movies which are all worthy.

4. Mysterious side

Photo credits to SM Town

Many people have already noticed that Kyungsoo is so mysterious. One of EXO’s fans mentioned that the reason why he became her bias in EXO is his mysteriousness. Truth to be told, Kyungsoo is the one who talks a little but when he does, it will surely be full of sense, funny, or striking (in a good way).

I think ‘yung reason kung ba’t ko siya naging bias is ‘yung mysterious aura niya? Kasi ‘di ba tahimik (siya).

Soleil Pabuna, EXO-L and D.O. biased

5. Unexplainable attractiveness

Photo credits to SM Town

It has always been hard for many to explain why they love Kyungsoo so much. As said by one of EXO-Ls, D.O. has something that cannot explain well what it is. Wherein, as you try closing your eyes, you can still see him.

Mer’on s’ya n’ung mga bagay na mahirap i-explain. ‘Yung tipong kahit anong pikit mo, mukha n’ya (ang) nakikita mo.

Phiyelle Altayo, EXO-L and D.O. biased

For me, I cannot even say one thing why I love him a lot. However, it doesn’t mean that I cannot think of the reasons or answers with that question. Maybe, is it just that, I am not aware which one should be the answer as it may be an understatement. Or maybe it’s because that I love him more than the reasons I could even think of.

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6. He is smart

Everyone is smart on their own ways and so Kyungsoo. As mentioned, even if he is not speaking too much, when he does, it will surely be so witty, funny, or striking (in a good way). In my case, whenever he starts talking, I will surely be all ears; until I will end up being hooked with what he’s talking about.

Moreover, he is also good in speaking English language!

7. He may look so done with the members but he cares about them

Kyungsoo is caring and sweet on his own little ways.

8. Happy pill and sunshine

Photo credits to SM Town

Thank you for bringing love and joy to our lives, Kyungsoo! You became the happy pill and sunshine to our days and nights, ups and downs, happiness and sadness. We may never have the opportunity to say it to you directly, but we assure you that you are loved, appreciated, and acknowledged by our hearts and by many people. We are wishing all the best for you because you deserve it all. You’re doing well and your hardships are being embraced by us.

9. Sings or Speaks Filipino language so well

For a short time of him speaking and/or singing in Filipino, it seems so enough to listen to.

10. One day, you’ll wake up that you’re already drown over him

Photo from Koreaboo

My friend and I talked about how true it is that you might not notice Kyungsoo at first; but when you do, you’ll wake up drown over him. It seems like that is his special power proving he is not the ordinary idol you’ll ever met. She said:

Legit talaga ‘yung hindi mo s’ya mapapansin. But as time goes by, ‘di mo mamamalayan, he’s getting your attention. It’s his trap na ‘wag mo muna s’yang mapansin sa una. Pero kapag tumagal na, wala na. Nakuha n’ya na puso mo.

Who’s my first bias? Baekhyun and turned to Luhan. Idk who’s Kyungsoo back then. It took me seven years to notice him when I watched his latest drama which is 100 Days My Prince. Even watching that drama, you’ll never pay attention to him. Pero, alam mo talaga ‘yung feeling na habang pinapanood mo s’ya, hindi naaalis ‘yung mata mo sa kan’ya? It’s like there’s a magnetic form that’s happening while (you’re) looking at him. Hindi mo na bibigyan ng attention ‘yung ibang member sa group, e. Nasa kan’ya na lahat ‘yung atensyon.

Phiyelle Altayo, EXO-L and D.O. biased

Overall, there will always be more reasons why Kyungsoo is not the ordinary idol who can take away the hearts of many fans. Subsequently, there is also much about him and his talents that may not be mentioned from above. Moreover, may we continually learn more things about him.

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We will miss you, Do Kyungsoo! Please, take care of yourself and serve your country well. We will patiently wait for you. Our love and support will never be vanished by time. It will even grow by the time you go back as your enlistment ends.

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  1. Thank you for this great article. This sums up my heart for Kyungsoo too. I just read again the article about 100 Days My Prince then it lead me here. That drama of D.O. made me to comeback to KPop world again and now I am stanning my one and only male KPop group, im now a baby EXO-L, cant believe ❤

  2. So true, I actually became a fan of D.O Oppa because of his vocals, it’s so soothing and warm that often times I feel myself tearing up, I love this guy a lot hope he makes more incredible songs in the future

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