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Get to know actor Kim Jisoo as the rising star who has already won the hearts of many Hallyu fans

South Korean actor Kim Jisoo is well-known for having superb acting skills. In fact, he has already won the Rising Star Award twice. First, in 11th Max Movies Awards year 2016. Second, in 2nd Asia Artist Awards year 2017.

However, he is also one of those actors who give us the second male lead syndrome. Truth to be told, many Hallyu fans have been looking forward to seeing him as the male lead character. Why not, right? He has already shown us how suited he is on that position. In addition, we have already seen him pulled out his best in any genre of Korean drama he starred in.

Moreover, there is something more about Kim Jisoo that will surely attract you. Want to know those lovely and cute facts? Read as follows and feel free to share your feels and/or thoughts about it with us!

He knows few Filipino words

Kim Jisoo once visited Philippines for his My One and Only Jisoo Fan Meeting. It happened last February 10, 2018 at SM Skydome.

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He is jolly and so cute to watch while laughing

Friendship goals! Kim Jisoo and Nam Joo Hyuk hangs out well; their closeness is so visible and inspiring.

His Seoul Mates movie is a Filipino-Korean film

Trailer Credits to Creative Programs Inc.

It was an official entry to the Cinema One Originals Festival 2014.

He may look a shy type but you will forget it when you see him sing and dance

Such a great video to start or end your day with!

He can be a bad guy, rookie detective, or a simply lover; any role fits him

GIF Credits to weheartit and SBS

Don’t wink like that, Jisoo Oppa! We’re falling in love with you all over again. We know it well that you are so flexible and hardworking artists; and you’ve won the hearts of many Hallyu fans already.

He smiles a lot and it is so heartwarming

Those smiles that can brighten up our days! We cannot see your wonderful eyes again, Kim Jisoo.

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He is so good in photoshoots

All set of colors and outfits suit him well, right? Look at his posing! He looks so good and attractive.

Those eyes that talks emotions

Even if Kim Jisoo’s eyes look small, it still talks emotions; which can simply capture our hearts.

He appears in music videos too!

Isn’t he so amazing and hardworking? Dramas, films, guesting, music videos, and more; he keeps on giving his best with passion.

Soothing voice

Kim Jisoo may not have the good vocals just like other known singers, but his voice is so soothing in the ears. In a matter of fact, I really love listening to his voice and when he starts talking, I will always found myself lost on him.

Furtheremore, there will surely be more lovely, cute, and interesting facts about him; which weren’t mentioned above. Subsequently, there is seriously no doubt why many people have fallen in love with him. In my case, I really feel sad remembering that I missed the chance in seeing him on his first fan meet in Manila. Yet, I still believe that the right time will come and I just need to trust His will. Whether we are meant to see each other or not; what matters most are his happiness, safety, and health.

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Overall, we are wishing all the best for you, Kim Jisoo! Thank you for bringing joy and light into our lives. May you continue inspiring more individuals!

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