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LOOK: MONSTA X shares photos with President Moon Jae In and King Harald V

On June 12, MONSTA X took part on a cultural event at the Oslo Opera House in Norway. In which, this is the first ever Northern European Korean pop concert, that was held during the visit of President Moon Jae In in Norway. It marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Norway.

On that day, MONSTA X had chosen Alligator and Dramarama to give meaningful and great performances. Subsequently, it was said that the audience sang along with them. In addition, the Blue House official Twitter shared the following:

Additionally, the Blue House has also posted the photos of interactions of MONSTA X with the president and first lady. Click here to see the pictures.

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Afterwards, Joohoney has also shared photos on MONSTA X’s official Twitter account. Wherein, the first photo features is when they were with King Harald V of Norway. Then, the second one is when they were with President Moon Jae In and first lady Kim Jung Sook.

Moreover, the caption on that post reads; “It was an honor to be here at the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Norway! To the King of Norway, President Moon Jae In, and first lady Kim Jung Sook, thank you for inviting us! Thank you! Thank you for singing along with our song Dramarama! Please, remember MONSTA X and MONBEBE.”

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