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READ: Factual reasons why most Filipinos are into K-dramas

Many Filipinos have been so addicted to Korean dramas for the past years. Some started out being a fan of K-dramas since Autumn in My Heart; while others were even years before it or later than that. Setting aside the year when you became a K-drama addict; have you ever thought why these series are having its special spot in your heart?

Moreover, you might’ve even decided to read this article because: 1) You’re a K-drama fan too; or 2) You want to know why many Filipinos are into K-dramas. One or the other, let’s talk about why these K-dramas have great impact and connection to a lot of Filipinos. In addition, let’s take this opportunity to fangirl/fanboy together!

Incomparable acting skills of the whole cast

Photo Credits to JTBC and AsianWiki

Since I’ve started watching My Girlfriend is A Gumiho, Secret Garden, Master’s Sun, and others; I cannot take K-dramas away from my whole life. Who wouldn’t get so in love with these works when the acting skills of the artists are just so extraordinary? In fact, the whole cast of various K-dramas can caught up our attention; not just the leading characters. We can even get so attached with the minor characters without even knowing it.

Thumbs up to all our favorite Hallyu actors and actresses who can make us dumbfounded by just their sudden change of expression! Hands on to those antagonists who make us so mad; and protagonists who get our sympathy.

Moreover, there are also these artists who doesn’t need words to tell their feelings; just look at their eyes and body actions then you will already get their messages. Adding the times when we might have already cried after seeing the characters crying, and so on!

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In your case, mga bes, how does these Hallyu artists affect you?

Superb plot twists

Photo Credits to tvN and Channel Korea

Applause maybe understatement but K-dramas are just so extra when it comes to plot twists. Let’s say that the content itself is so great but the plot twist it has will always either kill us in despair or give us hope. As if we are the ones who are on the show and/or in the shoes of the characters.

Sometimes, you might even get to the point when you thought that, “I know what’s going on;” not until the writer blew up the things you might have never think of. Good job to all the K-drama writers who have once make a fool on us, kidding aside.

Relatable lines

Photo Credits to KBS2 and Dramabeans

Have you ever felt like someone understands you and knows your pain while watching a drama? Or have you ever thought like, “Oh, we are on the same situation,” after hearing the side of the characters?

What makes every K-drama so meaningful is the realistic lines and opinions given. Even if the genre of the series is fantasy, it can also touch your heart by the lines and make it relatable.

For you, what’s your favorite line in a drama which seem to be unforgettable for you, mga bes?

Life lessons

Photo Credits to KBS and Amino Apps

K-dramas usually depict social issues, family matter, relationship problems, and more. You wouldn’t just enjoy its structure but also the messages it deliver.

For me, K-dramas have a big part on my changes in attitude and how I look at things, people, and situations. As it continually open my eyes on the matter I apparently don’t clearly understand.

Additionally, being a K-drama fan (or Hallyu to be general) brought me into a place where I am free to grow—Team Annyeong Oppa. Plus, watching K-dramas and talking about it have already became part of our family’s daily living. With that, I am so grateful to all the people behind and the artists in K-dramas as they bring joy and life lessons to me and to those people around me.

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Charisma of the actors and actresses

GIF from Amino Apps; Credits to MBC

The usual question I hear from others when they’ve known I am into K-dramas; “How can you even recognize the characters? They look all similar to one another.” Little do they know that these oppas and unnies have the charisma which take our hearts away with them.


Photo Credits to MBC

Wow is not even enough to describe my amazement over the cinematography of almost all K-dramas. It helps a lot in catching our attention to watch the drama until the end. The life, composition, effects, depth, and more!

Opening of the drama

Photo Credits to tvN and Reddit

For how many K-dramas I’ve watched, singing or saying the opening of the drama along the one who sings/speaks on the background became my habit. I have already memorized it without even giving too much effort in doing so. How about you, mga bes?


One of the things which I love about K-dramas is their official soundtracks. It does not just makes the storyline so interesting; yet, it also creates different vibes and intensity in various scenes.

There are even those days when I forgot to continue watching the drama because I was son fond in listening to the OST. Yes, it happened although it mind sounds funny.

Drama length

Photo Credits to tvN

If you’re so stressed out with never ending shows and want to try the short ones, K-dramas will suit you as it usually contain 16-30 episodes; with one hour per episode. Admit it or not, lengthy dramas sometimes forget to focus on plot, conflict, and resolutions. That’s why, it is recommended for you to watch K-dramas which normally never jump over the other things. Moreover, there are still lengthy series that remains remarkable and full of learnings.

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On the other hand, these dramas which you can finish within 16 hours or less can give you “the end” without spending too much time; as all of us have our own responsibilities and obligations in life, school, and/or work which we need to focus on.

Enjoyable to watch

Photo Credits to JTBC and Soompi

Whether the genre of the series is tragic, melodrama, horror, action, romcom, or others; it cannot change the fact that K-dramas are so enjoyable to watch. Even if it made your cry, sad, or surprise, it will remain so special. Subsequently, no matter how deep the heartaches that other K-dramas give us; the beauty and impact of it on us are incomparable in various aspects. As for me, despite the truth that I always get the second lead syndrome in many K-dramas; I will not deny the fact that the whole thing about those dramas are superb!

As you have read the facts given in the article, have you seen the reasons why you keep on watching K-dramas? Whether the answer is yes or no, feel free to share with us your feels and thoughts! Don’t forget to tag your K-drama bes and K-Oppa/Unnie/Noona buddy—who apparently can go along with you and your craziness over them.

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