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INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo won an award at 2019 Asia Model Awards, promotes “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and gives message to fans

INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo bagged an award again! His talents and visual making its way to be known by many.

On June 9, Kim Myungsoo won the Popular Star Award in actors category at 2019 Asia Model Awards. It took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Below is his speech on the event. He promoted his ongoing the drama, gave message to Inspirits, and congratulated INFINITE with their 9th anniversary.

Hello everyone, I’m Kim Myungsoo. First of all, it’s an honor to be standing here at the Asia Model Awards; and thank you for the award too. Thank you the representatives at AMA; and big thank you to our Inspirits who are over there. I’m currently working hard filming for a drama titled Angel’s Last Mission: Love; and I’ll show an even better appearance of myself whether it’s through the drama (or other works). Big congrats to INFINITE on our 9th anniversary; and I’ll become an even more hard working Kim Myungsoo in the future. Thank you.

Translated by yeolsprout

Watch video below. Credits to woohyoons and 2019 Asia Model Festival.

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Subsequently, Kim Myungsoo had also shared a picture of him on his Instagram account. See his post below.

Congratulations for winning another award, Kim Myungsoo. We are deeply proud and happy for you. May you achieve your life goals and may your heart be always filled by love and joy.

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